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This is the best list of graffiti artists on the Internet. It includes the most popular and artistic graffers in the world. Although it might not always be legal art, graffiti art still deserves respect and these street artists definitely have as much talent as famous artists who show in galleries. They risk punishment and possible jail time in order to get their street art up by spraying on walls, using wheat paste, and painting with stencils. The best part about this graffiti artist list is that it is vote ranked, which means that Ranker users get to rank the list. As you'll see by the graffiti pictures on this list, top graffiti artists all have their own signature style that makes their work unique. Contemporary graffiti art has evolved way beyond the simple act of writing one name in graffiti over and over-- or tagging buildings and trains just for the sake of it. The most popular graffiti artists, like Banksy, Reyes, and Revok, all became household names by developing their own unique style of spray painting. Fans of graf art can look at one piece from a good street artist and immediately know whose work they are looking at–that is what it means to have a cohesive artistic style.

Who are the most famous graffiti artists in the world? This list of graffiti artists known around the world will clue you in to some of the most talented street artists working today. Take a look at this graffiti names list and vote for your favorites. Enjoy!
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Photo: Francisco Huguenin-Virchaux Uhlfelder/Flickr

Probably the most famous person to hail from Bristol, England--anonymous or not. 

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Photo: Bhautik Joshi/Flickr

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