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Famous Graphic Artists

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List of famous graphic artists, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Hard working graphic artists are an integral part of every film set. An often under appreciated job, any film would not be able to hit the big screen without the help of a good graphic artist. This list includes examples of famous or notable graphic artists from some of the best films ever to hit the silver screen. Whereas most people ask the question, "What is a graphic artist?" this list informs the reader as to who some of the best graphic artists are, as well as information like their year of birth and more.

If you want to answer the questions, "Who are the most famous graphic artists?" and "Who are the best graphic artists?" then this list is the perfect resource for you.

List ranges from Gregory Hill to Brian Cunningham and more.
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    Alan Payne

  • 2

    Alexandra Miklos

  • 3

    Andy Bottomley

  • 4

    Austin Gorg

    Austin Gorg is a film art director....
  • 5

    Ben Conable

    Ben Conable is a production designer and an art director....
  • 6

    Ben Walsh

    Ben Walsh is a film crew member in the 2002 film The Quiet American....
  • 7

    Billy D. Choi

  • 8

    Bob Walker

    Bob Walker is a Graphic Artist....
  • 9
    Brandon Smith is a film production designer....  more
  • 10

    Bret August Tanzer

    Age: 38
    Bret August Tanzer is a film art director....
  • 11
    Brian Cunningham is a television editor and producer....  more
  • 12

    David Arson

  • 13
    Dawn Masi is a film art director....  more
  • 14

    Dim McRemnant

  • 15

    Dominic Sikking

    Age: 41
    Dominic Sikking is a film art director and production designer....
  • 16

    Doreen S. Austria

    Doreen S. Austria is a film graphic designer....
  • 17

    Dylan Sheridan

    Dylan Sheridan is a film crew member in the 2005 film Munich....
  • 18

    Edward A. Ioffreda

    Edward A. Ioffreda is a graphic designer....
  • 19

    Fabrice Spelta

    Fabrice Spelta is a film art director and production designer....
  • 20

    Felicity Hickson

    Felicity Hickson works in a film and television Art department....
  • 21

    Gary Barringer

    Gary Barringer is a film crew member....
  • 22
  • 23
  • 24

    Greg Voth

  • 25
    Gregory Hill is a film art director and a Graphic Designer....  more