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Famous Guitar Players from Ireland

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List of famous guitar players from Ireland, listed alphabetically with photos of the guitarists when available. Ireland has produced some great guitar players over the years, including guitarists who specialize in rock, metal, jazz, folk, classical, acoustic and more. These are some of the best Irish guitar players to ever live, so if you're a native of Ireland and play guitar then this list should make you proud. If you're searching for a particular popular guitarist from Ireland then you can use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

Guitarists include everything from Jim Corr to Ronnie Drew.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest Irish guitarists?" and "Which guitar players are from Ireland?"

You can click on the names of these legendary guitarists of Ireland in order to get more information about each one. If you're a guitar player or just love music you can use this list of talented Irish guitar players to find some new artists or bands that you might really enjoy.
  • Rory Gallagher

    Rory Gallagher

    Dec. at 47 (1948-1995)


    BirthplaceBallyshannon, Republic of Ireland

    Guitars PlayedGretsch PX6134 Corvette, 1960 Danelectro, coral electric sitar, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster

    William Rory Gallagher ( GAL-ə-hər; 2 March 1948 – 14 June 1995) was an Irish blues and rock...  more

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  • Bono


    Age: 59

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland

    BirthplaceDublin, Republic of Ireland

    Paul David Hewson, KBE OL (born 10 May 1960), known by his stage name Bono (), is an Irish...  more

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  • Eric Bell

    Eric Bell

    Age: 72

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland, United Kingdom

    BirthplaceBelfast, United Kingdom

    Eric Robin Bell (born 3 September 1947 in East Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a Northern Irish...  more
  • Luan Parle

    Luan Parle

    Age: 36

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland

    Luan Parle is an Irish Singer/Songwriter / Producer. 'First Impressions' was Luan Parle’s...  more
  • Gary Lightbody

    NationalityNorthern Ireland

    BirthplaceBangor, United Kingdom

    Gareth John Lightbody (born 15 June 1976) is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and...  more

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  • Anthony Drennan

    Age: 63

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland

    Anthony "Anto" Drennan (born on 1 November 1958 in Luton England) is an Irish guitarist noted...  more
  • Jim Corr

    Jim Corr

    Age: 55

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland

    BirthplaceDundalk, Republic of Ireland

    James Steven Ignatius "Jim" Corr, (born 31 July 1964) is an Irish musician, singer and...  more
  • Dominic Scott

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland

    BirthplaceDublin, Republic of Ireland

    Dominic Scott (born 15 May 1979) is an Irish guitarist, and the founder of the English rock...  more
  • Big Tom

    Big Tom

    Age: 83

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland

    BirthplaceCastleblayney, Republic of Ireland

    Tom McBride (18 September 1936 – 17 April 2018), known as Big Tom, was an Irish country,...  more
  • Mícheál Ó Domhnaill

    Mícheál Ó Domhnaill

    Dec. at 55 (1951-2006)


    BirthplaceIreland, Europe, County Meath, Mid-East Region, Ireland

    Mícheál Ó Domhnaill (Irish pronunciation: [mʲiːçaːɫ oː dˠɔwnˠɨlʲ]; 7 October 1951 – 7 July...  more
  • Noel Hogan

    Noel Hogan

    Age: 48

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland


    Noel Anthony Hogan (born 25 December 1971) is an Irish musician and record producer best known...  more
  • Glen Hansard


    BirthplaceBallymun, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

    Glen Hansard (born 21 April 1970) is an Irish songwriter, actor, vocalist and guitarist for...  more
  • Phil Chevron

    Phil Chevron

    Dec. at 56 (1957-2013)

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland

    BirthplaceDublin, Republic of Ireland

    Philip Ryan (17 June 1957 – 8 October 2013), professionally known as Philip Chevron, was an...  more
  • Ronnie Drew

    Ronnie Drew

    Dec. at 74 (1934-2008)

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland

    BirthplaceDún Laoghaire, Republic of Ireland

    Joseph Ronald Drew (Irish: Ránall Ó Draoi IPA: [ˈɾˠaːnəl̪ˠ oː dɾˠiː]) (16 September 1934 – 16...  more
  • Declan O'Rourke


    BirthplaceIreland, Ireland, Europe, Dublin

    Declan O'Rourke (born 1972) is a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland....  more
  • Cathy Davey

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland

    BirthplaceWicklow, Republic of Ireland

    Catherine "Cathy" Davey (born 1979) is an Irish singer-songwriter. She has released one...  more
  • Niall Breslin


    BirthplaceIreland, Europe, Dublin Region, Dublin, County Dublin

    Niall Breslin (born 22 October 1980), known as Bressie, is an Irish musician and former...  more
  • John Doyle

    Age: 48

    NationalityRepublic of Ireland

    BirthplaceDublin, Republic of Ireland

    Usher's Island is an Irish folk group featuring Andy Irvine, Dónal Lunny, Paddy Glackin,...  more
  • Manus Lunny (born 1962) is an Irish producer and multi-instrumentalist from County Donegal,...  more