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Famous Hampton University Alumni

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List RulesPeople on this list must have gone to Hampton University and be of some renown.

List of famous alumni from Hampton University, with photos when available. Prominent graduates from Hampton University include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. This list of distinguished Hampton University alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended Hampton University are at the top of the list. This directory is not just composed of graduates of this school, as some of the famous people on this list didn't necessarily earn a degree from Hampton University.

Items include everything from Wanda Sykes to Booker T. Washington and other famous Hampton Pirates!

This list answers the questions “Which famous people went to Hampton University?” and “Which celebrities are Hampton University alumni?”

Take a look at some of these Hampton University notable alumni!
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    Wanda Sykes

    Comedian, Television producer
    Wanda Yvette Sykes (born March 7, 1964) is an American actress, comedian, and writer. She was...  more

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    Booker T. Washington

    Educator, Author
    Booker Taliaferro Washington (c. 1856 – November 14, 1915) was an American educator, author,...  more

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    Septima Poinsette Clark (May 3, 1898 – December 15, 1987) was a black American educator and...  more
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    DJ Envy

    Record producer, Rapper
    Raashaun Casey (born September 3, 1977) is an American disc jockey (DJ) and music producer...  more

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    Spencer Overton

    Commentator, Professor
    Spencer A. Overton (born August 11, 1968) is an American lawyer, President of the Joint Center...  more
  • 6
    William Henry Sheppard (March 8, 1865 – November 25, 1927) was one of the earliest African...  more
  • 7
    Charles Wesley Turnbull (born February 5, 1935), was the sixth elected Governor of the U.S....  more
  • 8

    Spencer Christian

    TV Journalist
    Spencer Christian (born July 23, 1947) is an American television broadcaster, best known as...  more
  • 9
    Wyvetter H. Younge (August 23, 1930 – December 26, 2008) was a Democratic member of the...  more
  • 10

    Rick Mahorn

    Basketball player
    Derrick Allen Mahorn (born September 21, 1958) is an American retired National Basketball...  more
  • 11

    Brandon Mychal Smith

    Rapper, Comedian
    Brandon Mychal Smith (born May 29, 1989) is an American actor, singer, dancer, and rapper. He...  more
  • 12

    Robert Sengstacke Abbott

    Businessperson, Lawyer
    Robert Sengstacke Abbott (November 24, 1870 – February 29, 1940) was an American lawyer,...  more
  • 13

    St. Clair Drake

    Sociologist, Professor
    John Gibbs St. Clair Drake (January 2, 1911 – June 15, 1990) was an African-American...  more
  • 14

    Michael K. Fauntroy

    Political scientist
  • 15

    Elisabeth Omilami

    Actor, Pastor
    Elisabeth Williams-Omilami (born February 18, 1951) is an American human rights activist and...  more
  • 16
    Allyson Kay Duncan (born September 5, 1951, in Durham, North Carolina) is a former United...  more
  • 17

    Marcus Dixon

    American football player
    Marcus Dwayne Dixon (born September 16, 1984) is an American football coach and a former...  more
  • 18

    Freeman A. Hrabowski III

    Freeman Alphonsa Hrabowski III (born August 13, 1950) is a prominent African American...  more
  • 19

    Charles Phillips

    Charles E. Phillips (born June 1959) is an American business executive in the tech industry....  more
  • 20
    Brandon Fobbs (born April 19, 1981) is an American actor. He had a recurring role on HBO...  more
  • 21
    James Carter (born May 7, 1978) is an American athlete who competed in the 400 m hurdles. His...  more
  • 22

    Devin Green

    Basketball player
    Devin Green (born October 25, 1982) is an American professional basketball player who last...  more
  • 23

    Susan La Flesche Picotte

    Susan LaFlesche Picotte (June 17, 1865 – September 18, 1915) was an Omaha Native American...  more
  • 24

    Janie Porter Barrett

    Janie Porter Barrett (née Porter) (August 9, 1865 – August 27, 1948) was an American social...  more
  • 25

    Biff Henderson

    Comedian, Stage Manager
    James Jackson "Biff" Henderson, Jr. (born October 3, 1946) is an American comedian and...  more