Famous Harvard Lampoon Members

List of Famous Harvard Lampoon Members ranked by fame and popularity. The Harvard Lampoon is a comical publication that was founded in 1876 at Harvard University. The humor magazine has been the first stop in the careers of successful writers, comics and actors. Who are some of the most famous Harvard Lampoon Members? Check out this impressive list of truly hilarious individuals.

The most famous Harvard Lampoon alumni has got to be Conan O'Brien. The funnyman was a former president of the Lampoon and oversaw a devious prank involving “Batman and Robin” actor Burt Ward. Writer B.J. Novak better known as “Ryan the temp” from “The Office” also spent some time writing for the Harvard Lampoon. American author John Updike was president of the Lampoon in 1954.

In the 70s, the Lampoon produced live shows “National Lampoon Lemmings” and “The National Lampoon Radio Hour” introducing audiences to the talents of John Belushi, Christopher Guest and Chevy Chase. The National Lampoon has also went on to create classic comedic films like “Animal House,” “Class Reunion,” and Chevy Chase's “Vacation” series.

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