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16 Famous Bodies From History Found In Inconspicuous Places

Updated September 23, 2021 304.9k views16 items

You might expect the locations where historical figures are buried to be grand. Royals like Anne Boleyn and Louis XIV seem destined for ornate coffins, and it's easy to assume great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would be interred in fittingly beautiful surroundings. But there are a surprisingly number of stories about historical figures buried in decidedly less glamorous places. Just consider Richard III – his remains were discovered in a parking lot.

How did the bodies of these notable individuals turn up in humble locations like construction sites? Some of that has to do with the reputation of the deceased. Throughout history, souvenir-hunters have made off with relics from the famous and dead. And then there are the sometimes despised rulers – there's nothing like a good revolution to ensure corpses go missing.

From a mysterious head discovered in an attic to entrails stuffed in a barrel, there's no shortage of bodies found in weird places. And these are just the famous people. Who knows how many other corpses have been lost to antiquity?