10 World Leaders Who Were Outrageously Abusive To Their Staffs

Power does interesting things to people. Whether power truly corrupts, or whether positions of power just happen to attract terrible people, time and time again we see historical figures who were terrible bosses and treated their staffs terribly. History is littered with dictators, despots, and military strongmen who terrorized their people, their countries, and the rest of the world.

However, it isn’t just the dictators who abuse their positions of power. More mundane world leaders can express their power in some very interesting ways, ranging from the petty to the outright dickish. As the unfortunate individuals who live to serve these world leaders’ every whims, the staff and servants are often the ones who suffer the most directly from their bosses’ predilections towards prickery. One can find all sorts of examples of powerful people who couldn’t help but mistreat their own staffs, as if gaining power over an entire country wasn’t enough confirmation of their self worth. It seems that no level of personal accomplishment can truly satisfy a bully.