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10 Pairs of Historical Figures You Had No Idea Hated Each Other

Updated 12 Sep 2019 71.8k views10 items

There’s no shortage of news stories covering famous people who hated each other in pop culture’s recent years. Singers, models, and actors seem to have a way of creating drama with one another both on and off the stage just as easily as they breathe. But what about historical figures who hated each other? 

Believe it or not, history is full of people who straight up couldn’t stand the sight of one another. Famous enemies in history have included presidents, scientists, painters, inventors, military leaders, and authors. No profession has ever been too "proper" for a good, old-fashioned rivalry at one time on another. This list contains some of the most popular historical figures who were enemies and the ridiculous ways they tried to humiliate one another.

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