Winter Sports Famous Hockey Players from England

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List of famous hockey players from England, listed alphabetically with photos of the players when available. England has produced some very talented hockey players over the years, including centers, goalies, wings and defensive players. These are some of the best British hockey players to ever live, so if you're a native of England and are aspiring to play hockey professionally then these people should be your idols. If you're searching for a particular popular hockey player from England then you can use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

Examples include Mark Thomas and Andrew Johnston.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest British hockey players?" and "Which hockey players are from England?"

You can click on the names of these legendary hockey players of England in order to get more information about each one. If you play hockey or just love the sport then use this list of talented British baseball players to find some athletes you haven't heard of before.

Luke Boothroyd

Luke Boothroyd is an English professional ice hockey player, currently playing for the Manchester Phoenix in the EPL. ...more on Wikipedia

Position: Defenseman

Birthplace: Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Nationality: England


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is an English professional ice hockey player, currently playing for the Sheffield Steelers in the EIHL. Thomas began his professional career in 2002, playing for the Haringey Racers in the ENIL. Thomas took up ice hockey much later than most players but was able to thrive due to his natural talent and physical abilities. Thomas began playing ice hockey at Under-19 after watching his local team, the now-defunct Manchester Storm, then playing in the ISL. Thomas would start with a strong showing in his first season, when he played in 22 games and totalled 63 penalty minutes as well as helping out the offence with 7 points. For the start of the 2003/04 season Thomas was a Telford ...more on Wikipedia

Position: Defenseman

Birthplace: Stockport, United Kingdom

Nationality: England


Nick Whyatt

Nick Whyatt is an English professional ice hockey player, currently playing for the ENIHL team of the Coventry Blaze organisation. In 2002 he began his career, lining up for his local team, the Nottingham Lions, playing 25 times at ENIL level. The English National Ice Hockey League is regarded as the third tier of ice hockey in the U.K. Whyatt would continue in the ENIL, signing for the Solihull Kings the following season. He would remain here for the next three years, totalling 14 points in 31 games. Whyatt stayed in the Solihull area, playing for the Solihull Barons in the EPL. At this higher standard, Whyatt continued to play and iced on no less than 48 occasions throughout the 2005/06 ...more on Wikipedia

Position: Forward

Birthplace: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Nationality: England


Rhys McWilliams

Rhys McWilliams is an English professional ice hockey player, currently playing with the Coventry Blaze organisation at ENIHL level. In the year 2000 he began his professional career, making his debut for the Solihull Barons as a young forward having also featured for their U-19 team, the Solihull Knights. Whilst playing for the Knights, McWilliams managed the astounding total of 55 points in just 17 games. He went on to become much more of a regular for the Barons in the following season and showed enough promise to play for the England U-18 team. McWilliams remained in Solihull through the name and league changes, icing 32 times for the Solihull MK Kings. During the 2002/03 season, ...more on Wikipedia

Position: Forward

Birthplace: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Nationality: England