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Notable Homes Of The Founding Fathers

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Few men in American history are more revered than the founding fathers. Over two centuries their exploits have been mythologized, their personalities romanticized, and their conflicts turned into epic, world-shaking stories. They were titans walking the earth, and the stories of their lives have more in common with Greek mythology than the those of modern-day people. Except we know that they were regular human beings, extraordinary in many ways, but they lived and breathed as any other person would.

It can be fascinating to discover the day-to-day lives of such figures as George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, and one of the best ways to do that is to learn more about the places where founding fathers lived. The founding fathers' homes offer clues to who they really were, beyond the glory, the fame, and the quotes we often associate with them.

For example, George Washington's constant improvements to his house show a man who was never satisfied, while Thomas Jefferson's numerous innovations attest to his brilliance and his open-ended curiosity. These men were from an era when a house was a reflection of oneself, and bore the distinct personality of its occupants.

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