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Famous Humorists

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A list of humorists, both old and new. A humorist is a writer who specializes in humorous material. Unlike comedy writers though, who go for all out laughs, humorist writers are more subtle and cerebral. But don't take that to mean they're any less funny. One of the most famous humorists in the United States is Jean Shepherd, who narrated and co-wrote the movie A Christmas Story, which is based on his autobiographical short stories. The humorists on this list are some of the best, and well worth a read if you're looking for something that'll amuse and make you smile.

Who are some famous humorists? From American humorists to British funnymen, these comedy writers take funny to the next level, often by using their humorous anecdotes and opinions to author interesting takes on society at large. Take a look at this list of the funniest humor writer and authors and you'll for yourself.