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Famous INFJs

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Many of the most prolific actors, musicians, politicians, and even world leaders are INFJ (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging). INFJs are typically gentle, empathetic, artistic, and creative. They are complex personalities who rely on intuition and emotions to advocate for what they believe in.

Nicole Kidman tops our list for the most famous INFJ. She is confident, soft-spoken, driven and intuitive. She has said, "I'm a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister. I'm a real person operating in the world. For me to discuss the most private thing feels wrong. It feels like I'm betraying myself and my children." Actress Cate Blanchett has also spoken of herself as an "observer" and calls it a misnomer that all actors are extroverts. She is creative and driven, which lends her to the INFJ personality. This list of INFJ celebrities might surprise you. Check out more INFJ people below.

Several famous men are also thought to be INFJs. Actor Edward Norton has said that he believes that everything that you experience in life helps to shape who you are today. He is ambitious and a true original when it comes to acting in films. Nelson Mandela, a South African politician, revolutionist, and philanthropist, had a strong moral compass. He was willing to sacrifice years of his life for the greater good. He also described himself as introverted.

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