Famous INTJs

Some of the most prolific people in politics, entertainment, business, and science are INTJs (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging). INTJs are known to be logical, driven, and intelligent. This personality is often considered to be "bookworms," and have great self-confidence. Only 2 per cent of the population is classified as INTJs. There are lots of famous faces on this list, such as the popular INTJ musicians.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tops our list as one of the most famous INTJs. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a healthy ego, and a relentless drive to match. After an amazing film career, he successfully transitioned into politics to become the governor of California. Next on our list is Young Hov, aka, Jay-Z. Like most INTJs, Jay-Z has incredible self-confidence and the skills to get any job done. He is a rap superstar, artist, business mogul, and philanthropist. 

True to form for many of the women on our INTJ list, Jodie Foster has always done things her own way. Foster is not only a talented actress; she also graduated from Yale University, and is extremely intelligent. Another famous lady-leader to watch out for is Ashley Olsen. Olsen trusted her instincts to become an entrepreneur at an impressively young age. She now runs Dualstar as co-president with her twin sister, Mary-Kate. She's also responsible for several fashion lines, including Elizabeth & James, Olsenboye, and The Row.  

Does it surprise you that so many celebrities are thought to be INTJs?

Photo: Jason McELweenie / Wiki Commons / CC-BY-2.0