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Famous Jews known for their talents in Fencing. These 61 Jewish fencers are an inspiration to every Jew & athlete out there, whether you're a fan of Fencing or just a fan of great athleticism in general. Personally, I'm a fan of both, which is why I've been building this whole series of lists celebrating famous Jewish athletes.

Henri Anspach Died at 97 (1882-1979) - Henri Anspach was a Belgian épée and foil fencer.

Died at 99 (1882-1981) - Paul Anspach was a Belgian épée and foil fencer who competed in four consecutive Olympics.

Norman Armitage Died at 65 (1907-1972) - Norman Armitage, was an American saber fencer. He was tall, willowy, and sported a "little waxed moustache."

Died at 83 (1921-2004) - Albert Axelrod, known as Albie, was an American foil fencer. He was the only American men's foil fencer to reach the finals at the world championships until Gerek Meinhardt won the bronze medal ...more

Péter Bakonyi age 80 - Péter Bakonyi is a Hungarian fencer. He won bronze medals in the team sabre events at the 1968 and 1972 Summer Olympics.

age 41 - Cliff Bayer is an American two-time Olympian foil fencer.

Died at 79 (1882-1961) - Albert Bogen was a fencer who competed for Austria at the 1912 Summer Olympics and for Hungary at the 1928 Summer Olympics. He was part of the Austrian sabre team, which won the silver medal. ...more

Tamir Bloom age 47 - Tamir Bloom is an American epee fencer.

Daniel Bukantz Died at 91 (1917-2008) - Daniel B. Bukantz was an American Olympic fencing competitor and referee and also a dentist. He won the national singles championship in the foil in 1949, 1952, 1953 and 1957. He competed in the ...more

Sergei Charikov

Yves Dreyfus age 87 - Yves Dreyfus is a Jewish French epee fencer who holds two medals as part of the French Olympic épée team.

Died at 81 (1907-1988) - Ilona Elek, known also as Ilona Elek-Schacherer of a Jewish father and Roman Catholic mother, was a Hungarian Olympic fencer. Elek won more international fencing titles than any other woman.

Boaz Ellis

Sándor Erdös

Siegfried Flesch Died at 67 (1872-1939) - Siegfried "Fritz" Flesch was an Austrian sabre fencer who competed in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Flesch was Jewish.

Dr. Dezsö Földes

Dr. Jenö Fuchs

Támas Gábor

Died at 56 (1889-1945) - János Garay was a Hungarian fencer, and one of the best sabre fencers in the world in the 1920s.

Dr. Oskar Gerde

Dr. Sándor Gombos

Vadim Gutzeit age 47 - Vadim Gutzeit is a Ukrainian sabre fencer, team Olympic champion in 1992 and bronze medal in the 1991 World Fencing Championships. He has been an international referee for the FIE since 2002.

age 64 - Johan Harmenberg is a Swedish epee fencer. Harmenberg completed two years of study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1979, leaving his course early before returning to Sweden to ...more

Lydia Hatoel-Zuckerman

Dr. Otto Herschmann

age 33 - Emily Phillipa Jacobson is an American sabre fencer.

age 35 - Sada Molly Jacobson is an American fencer. Her hometown is Dunwoody, GA. She is the 2008 Olympic Individual Sabre silver medalist and 2004 Olympic Individual Sabre bronze medalist. She has been ...more

Allan Jay age 87 - Allan Louis Neville Jay MBE was a British foil and épée fencer. One of the greatest fencers in British history, Jay competed in five Olympiads in both épée and foil, ...more

Died at 38 (1906-1944) - Endre Kabos, born in Oradea, Romania, was a Hungarian sabre fencer. He won the Individual Sabre gold medal at the Slovakian Championships in 1938 and took his first medal at the European ...more

Roman Kantor Died at 31 (1912-1943) - Roman Józef Kantor, born in Łódź, Poland, was a Polish Olympic epee fencer.

age 42 - Daniel "Dan" Kellner is an American foil fencer.

age 98 - Byron Lester Krieger was an American foil, sabre, and épée fencer. Krieger represented the United States in the Olympics in 1952 and 1956. He was officially rated as one of the ...more

age 78 - Grigori Yakovlevich Kriss was a Soviet Russian world champion epee fencer.

Died at 81 (1917-1998) - Allan S. Kwartler, born in New York City, was an American sabre and foil fencer. He was Pan-American sabre champion, 3-time Olympian, and twice a member of sabre teams that earned 4th-place in ...more

Died at 79 (1881-1960) - Alexandre Lippmann was a French fencer. He won five medals, including two gold medals, at three different Olympic Games.

Died at 43 (1910-1953) - Helene Mayer was a world champion Olympic fencer who competed for Nazi Germany in the 1936 Summer Olympics, despite having been forced to leave Germany and resettle in the United States because ...more

Maria Mazina age 54 - Maria Mazina is a Russian women's épée fencer.

Mark Midler Died at 81 (1931-2012) - Mark Petrovich Midler was a Soviet Russian foil fencer. He competed at four Olympic Games and won two gold medals.

Armand Mouyal Died at 63 (1925-1988) - Armand Mouyal was a French epee fencer.

Died at 83 (1924-2007) - Claude Netter was a French foil fencer. Netter competed in three Olympiads for the French foil team, winning two medals. Netter was Jewish.

Jacques Ochs Died at 88 (1883-1971) - Jacques Ochs, was a Jewish Belgian artist and épée and foil fencer.

age 44 - Ayelet Ohayon is an Israeli foil fencer. Among her accomplishments, she won the gold medal at the 2000 European Championships. She also took silver at the Junior World Cup Championships. She has ...more

Ellen Osiier Died at 72 (1890-1962) - Ellen Osiier was a Danish foil fencer. The 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris was the first Olympic Games to feature women's fencing. Osiier, then 33, won the gold medal as she was undefeated in the ...more

Dr. Ivan Osier

Died at 39 (1904-1943) - Attila Petschauer was a Jewish Hungarian Olympic champion fencer.

Died at 95 (1912-2007) - Ellen Müller-Preis, née Preis, was an Austrian foil fencer. In 1949, she was named Austrian female athlete of the year.

Mark Rakita age 80 - Mark Semenovich Rakita is a famed Russian sabreur and coach from the Soviet era.

Yakov Rylsky Died at 71 (1928-1999) - Yakov Anufrievich Rylsky was a Jewish sabre fencer of the Soviet Union. He competed in three Olympiads, and won two medals for the Soviet Union's fencing team.

Gaston Salmon Died at 39 (1878-1917) - Gaston Salmon was a Belgian épée, foil, and sabre fencer. He was Jewish.

Zoltán Ozoray Schenker Died at 86 (1880-1966) - Zoltán Ozoray Schenker was a Hungarian sabre and foil fencer. His father was a Transylvanian Saxon, and his mother was a member of the Hungarian nobility. He was of Lutheran faith.