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Famous Jewish weightlifters. These 11 Jewish athletes are an inspiration to every Jew & athlete out there, whether you're a fan of weight lifting, bodybuilding, or great athleticism in general.

Isaac Berger age 82 - Isaac "Ike" Berger was an Olympic weightlifter for the United States. He is the holder of 23 world weightlifting records, and won the national title in the United States twelve times.

David Mark Berger Died at 28 (1944-1972) - David Mark Berger was an American-born Israeli weightlifter for the Israeli Olympic team in 1972. A lawyer by education, Berger was one of 11 members of Israel’s Olympic team who were taken ...more

Robert Fein Died at 68 (1907-1975) - Robert Fein was an Austrian weightlifter.

Gary Gubner age 76 - Gary Jay Gubner was an American shotputter, weightlifter, and discus hurler. He is known for setting various shot put records, including a 53-foot throw with a 16-lb. ball when he was 16, and a ...more

Hans Haas Died at 67 (1906-1973) - Hans Haas was an Austrian weightlifter who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics and in the 1932 Summer Olympics. He was born in Vienna. In 1926 he became Austrian champion for the first time and ...more

Ben Helfgott age 88 - Ben Helfgott is a Polish born British Holocaust survivor and former champion weightlifter. He is one of two Jewish athletes to have competed in the Olympics after surviving the Holocaust.

Edward Lawrence Levy

Grigory Novak Died at 61 (1919-1980) - Grigory Irmovich Novak was a Ukrainian weightlifter, world champion, and Olympic medalist, who competed for the Soviet Union. He was Jewish, and was born in Chernobyl, Ukrainian SSR. Novak ...more

Igor Rybak

Valery Shary age 71 - Valery Shary is a former Belarusian weightlifter and Olympic champion who competed for the Soviet Union. He was born in Chervyen. Shary won a gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal ...more

Frank Spellman age 96 - Frank Isaac Spellman was an American weightlifter who set several Olympic records and earned a gold medal in 1948. Spellman has been elected to the United States Weightlifting Hall of Fame, the ...more