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Famous Kadokawa Shoten Titles

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List of famous comic book titles published by Kadokawa Shoten, listed alphabetically with pictures of the comic book covert art when available. This list contains all notable comics/graphic novels published by Kadokawa Shoten, both new and old. Movies based off of comic books are incredibly popular in present day, so find out which comics are published by Kadokawa Shoten by browsing this list. Some of these Kadokawa Shoten comic books may be worth a lot of money, especially if they're first issues that are in mint condition. The names of the Kadokawa Shoten comic book series can be clicked on to find more information about each one.

List is made up of items like Miyuki-chan in Wonderland and Hana no Asuka-gumi!.
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    Ranmaru Kotone
  • 2

    Drug and Drop

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    Takeshi Okazaki
  • 4

    Eureka Seven: AO

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    Hana no Asuka-gumi!

    Satosumi Takaguchi
  • 6

    Legal Drug

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    Magical Witch Punie-chan

  • Miyuki-chan in Wonderland8

    Miyuki-chan in Wonderland