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19 Horrifying Stories About Famous Kidnapping Victims

Over the years, headlines have been flooded with stories of dark, grisly kidnappings. Many of these stories are so horrifying that they're almost hard to believe. Some famous kidnapping victims return home, but others were sadly killed by their captors. Several of the most famous kidnapping victims were abducted because their families were rich, and the kidnappers wanted a hefty ransom.

Who is the most famous kidnapping victim? One of the best-known kidnapping stories is that of Adam Walsh. The child was kidnapped at a department store in 1981. Two weeks later, his head was found by a fisherman, but his body was never recovered. The murder was unsolved for many years, but Ottis Toole was later declared responsible for the crime. Walsh's father, John Walsh, went on to host the show, America's Most Wanted.

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