Famous Knights of Pythias

List of Famous Knights of Pythias Members ranked by fame and popularity. The Knights of Pythias is a secret society, fraternal organization that was founded in 1864. Membership is primarily white men in good health who believe in a Supreme Being. Through the years, the Knights of Pythias have had many famous and influential members.

Who is the most famous Knights of Pythias Member? Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt tops our list. Roosevelt was a valued member of the Knights of Pythias and they have named their Brooklyn Lodge in his honor. Other notable politicians that are members of the Knights of Pythias include William McKinley, Warren G. Harding and the infamous “sexter” Anthony Weiner.

The Knights of Pythias contribute a great deal to charity. They take care of members in distress and give aid to victims of disasters. They also sponsor scholarship funds, blood drives and highway safety programs. The group's auxiliary organizations include the Pythian Sisters, the Pythian Sunshine Girls and the Junior Order of Princes of Syracuse. The Knights of Pythias also have a social club within their organization called the Dramatic Order of the Knights of Khorassan.

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