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Famous Knights Templar Members

List of Famous Knights Templar Members ranked by fame and popularity. The Knights Templar was a powerful organization comprised of a wealthy Christian membership. They rose to power during the Crusades and quickly dwindled after the Holy Land was captured by Saladin's armies. The motto of the Knights Templar was “Not to us Lord, not to us, but to Your Name give the glory.” Here is a list of some of the most famous members of the Knights Templar.

Who is the most famous Knights Templar member? Afonso I of Portugal, also known as Afonso Henriques, tops our list. Henriques went on to become the first king of Portugal and spent most of his life at war with the Moors. Geoffroi de Charney dedicated his life to the Order of Knights Templar. He was arrested by King Philip IV of France, tortured until he admitted to the crimes against him and he was eventually burned at the stake.

Hugue de Payens was a co-founder of the Knights Templar and became the groups first Grand Master. Hugue de Payens led the organization for almost twenty years. Robert de Craon succeeded Payens as Grand Master and was known to be a great legislator and organizer, though his military skills were lacking.

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    Everard des Barres

    Everard des Barres (also Eberhard von Barres or Eberhard De Bären) (died 1174) was the third Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1147 to 1151. As Preceptor of the Templars in France from 1143, he was one of the highest dignitaries of the Order when Robert de Craon died in 1147. He was chosen to succeed Robert, and as soon as he was elected, he accompanied Louis VII of France on the Second Crusade, and was among those sent ahead to Constantinople before Louis' arrival there. He later saved Louis during a battle with the Seljuk Turks in Pisidia. According to the chronicler Odo of Deuil, Everard was extremely pious and valiant. He seems to have had a strong influence on Louis. After the  ...more
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      Gualdim Pais

      Dom Gualdim Pais (1118 – 13 October 1195), a Portuguese crusader, Knight Templar in the service of Afonso Henriques of Portugal. He was the founder of the city of Tomar.  ...more
      • Age: Dec. at 77 (1118-1195)
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      Thibaud Gaudin

      Thibaud Gaudin (1229? – April 16, 1292) was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar from August 1291 until his death in April 1292. The history of Thibaud Gaudin within the Order is rather mysterious. Born to a noble family in the area of Chartres or Blois, France, he entered the Knights Templar well before 1260, because on that date he was taken prisoner during an attack on Tiberias. His great piety was deemed worthy of the nickname of "Gaudin Monk". In 1279, Sir Thibaud fulfilled the function of "Commander of the Land of Jerusalem", the fourth most important function in the Templar hierarchy. In 1291, he rode at the side of Guillaume de Beaujeu to defend the town of Acre, besieged by  ...more
      • Age: Dec. at 63 (1229-1292)
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      Robert de Sablé

      Robert de Sablé can refer to: Robert I de Sablé (1035–1098), seigneur de Craon, father of Robert II de Sablé Robert II de Sablé (1065–1110), seigneur de Sablé, grandfather of Robert III de Sablé Robert III de Sablé (1122–1152), seigneur de Sablé, father of Robert IV de Sablé Robert IV de Sablé (1150–1193), Grand Master of the Knights Templar  ...more