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The 20 Most Famous Last Words of Anime Villains

Whether they're a villain or a hero, an anime characters' last words can be tragic, revealing, and even infuriating. In the case of villains, those last words can show whether they're still on board with being a total monster or if they've had a change of heart. Let's take a look at some of the greatest anime villain last words.

One particularly sad example springs from Meruem of Hunter x Hunter, who spent his last moments with the only person he ever truly cared for, Komugi. Not all final quotes are so sentimental, though. Frieza spends his last moments talking about how inferior Saiyans are before Goku annihilates him - albeit temporarily.

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  • "I know I cannot be, but I wish I could go to where you have gone... How I wish I could join you there... Haku..."

    The only meaningful bond in Zabuza Momochi's life is that with Haku, a homeless child who he said was nothing more than a tool. It was only at the very end of their lives that Zabuza was able to admit his real, wholehearted love for him. 

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    Meruem - 'Hunter x Hunter'

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    "Will you call me by my name...one last time?"

    As Meruem's life begins to ebb away thanks to poison, Komugi is by his side. This is especially meaningful because Meruem is a chimera ant who never had any meaningful relationships until his unexpected connection with the young Gungi player. As he fades away, the two express their love for one another, with Komugi following him into the afterlife moments later. 

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  • "The parallels between you and that book... it almost feels like someone set it all up, like it was all... the work of an actual God. Seems this is it for me... Naruto, I believe you of all people... can..."

    At the end of his life, Pain realizes that his approach to creating a peaceful society has only caused unnecessary anguish. After restoring life to those he destroyed, he passes on the torch of peacekeeping to the person who defeated him, Naruto.

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  • "I hope I give you the runs, Dad!"

    Greed spends most of his existence either obeying Father or gathering various pleasures for himself. But at the end of the series, when Father tries to absorb him, he spends the whole time trying to save the person whose body he's been inhabiting, Ling. That last line is a final moment of irreverent defiance that's both totally unexpected and totally in character.

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