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Famous Leo Female Celebrities

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List RulesOnly female celebrities born from July 23 to August 22.

Leos love to be loved, making them a perfect fit for the spotlight. Their confident optimism and desire to be admired gives them the power they need to rule acting, music or anything else they decide to concentrate on, and famous female Leos are queens of their domain. Below, you'll find a list of female celebrities who were born under the star sign Leo.

A Leo's drive to be loved and admired isn't one-sided. The loyalty of those born under the star sign Leo, paired with their easy confidence and energy, can create a relationship with their fanbase that continually strengthens it, cementing their place at the top. Singers like Madonna, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez are musical royalty, as befits Leo women. The warmth of character associated with people born under the star sign of the lion is also seen in actresses like Sandra Bullock, born July 26th, 1964.

Check out who is a female celebrity Leo in the list below and when you're done, bound on over to their famous male Leo counterparts.

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