32 Famous Lesbian Poets Who Heavily Influenced Modern Poetry

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A comprehensive list of notable lesbian poets.

"If you forget me, think / of our gifts to Aphrodite / and all the loveliness that we shared." Sappho seemingly penned these lines to a female lover in the seventh century BC, becoming one of the first notable lesbian poets in the process. In fact, the word "lesbian" derives from the name of her home: the island of Lesbos. Since Sappho's time, many famous lesbian poets have followed in her spiritual footsteps. Some prolific gay female poets are also spoken word performers while other successful lesbian poets are novelists as well. Many of the most popular lesbian poets are activists in the LGBTQ community.

Who will you find on this list of the best lesbian poets? Emily Dickinson appears near the top. Though she was largely seen as a loner with no romantic relationships, some believe that she may have had a relationship with her sister-in-law, Susan, due to letters written by the famous poet. The iconic Gertrude Stein wrote poetry along with her other remarkable works, and was famously in a relationship with Alice B. Toklas. Other talented artists featured on this top lesbian poets list include Audre Lorde, Kay Ryan, and Adrienne Rich.

Which lesbian poet do you like the best? Take a look at this list and share some of your favorite works in the comments section.

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