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List of famous male biologists, listed by their level of prominence with photos when available. This greatest male biologists list contains the most prominent and top males known for being biologists. There are thousand of males working as biologists in the world, but this list highlights only the most notable ones. Historic biologists have worked hard to become the best that they can be, so if you're a male aspiring to be a biologist then the people below should give you inspiration.

Jack P. Hailman and Jacques Loeb are only the beginning of the people on this list.

While this isn't a list of all male biologists, it does answer the questions "Who are the most famous male biologists?" and "Who are the best male biologists?"
Charles Darwin is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Famous Male Biologists
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Charles Robert Darwin, FRS was an English naturalist and geologist, best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory. He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors, and in a joint publication with Alfred Russel Wallace introduced his scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence has a similar effect to the artificial selection involved in selective breeding. Darwin published his theory of evolution with compelling evidence in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species, overcoming scientific rejection of earlier concepts of transmutation of ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Died at 73 (1809-1882)

Birthplace: The Mount, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

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Alfred Kinsey is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Famous Male Biologists
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Alfred Charles Kinsey was an American biologist, professor of entomology and zoology, and sexologist who in 1947 founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University, now known as the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. He is best known for writing Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, also known as the Kinsey Reports, as well as the Kinsey scale. Kinsey's research on human sexuality, foundational to the field of sexology, provoked controversy in the 1940s and 1950s. His work has influenced social and cultural values in the United States, as well as internationally. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Died at 62 (1894-1956)

Birthplace: Hudson County, Contiguous United States, United States of America, United States, with Territories, + more

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Stephen Jay Gould is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Famous Male Biologists
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Stephen Jay Gould was an American paleontologist, evolutionary biologist and historian of science. He was also one of the most influential and widely read writers of popular science of his generation. Gould spent most of his career teaching at Harvard University and working at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. In the later years of his life, Gould also taught biology and evolution at New York University. Gould's most significant contribution to evolutionary biology was the theory of punctuated equilibrium, which he developed with Niles Eldredge in 1972. The theory proposes that most evolution is marked by long periods of evolutionary stability, which is punctuated by rare ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Died at 61 (1941-2002)

Birthplace: Bayside, New York City, New York, United States of America

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Carl Linnaeus is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Famous Male Biologists
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Carl Linnaeus, also known after his ennoblement as Carl von Linné, was a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, who laid the foundations for the modern biological naming scheme of binomial nomenclature. He is known as the father of modern taxonomy, and is also considered one of the fathers of modern ecology. Many of his writings were in Latin, and his name is rendered in Latin as Carolus Linnæus. Linnaeus was born in the countryside of Småland, in southern Sweden. He received most of his higher education at Uppsala University, and began giving lectures in botany there in 1730. He lived abroad between 1735 and 1738, where he studied and also published a first edition of his Systema ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Died at 71 (1707-1778)

Birthplace: Råshult, Sweden

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