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Famous Male Politicians

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List of famous male politicians, listed by their level of prominence with photos when available. This greatest male politicians list contains the most prominent and top males known for being politicians. There are thousand of males working as politicians in the world, but this list highlights only the most notable ones. Historic politicians have worked hard to become the best that they can be, so if you're a male aspiring to be a politician then the people below should give you inspiration.

This list is made up of people like Albano Harguindeguy and Alexander Alexandrovich Kornilov.

While this isn't a list of all male politicians, it does answer the questions "Who are the most famous male politicians?" and "Who are the best male politicians?"
  • Photo: ericadamaustin / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0
    Alan Stuart Franken (born May 21, 1951) is an American politician, comedian, media personality, and author who served as a United States Senator from Minnesota from 2009 to 2018. He became well known in the 1970s and 1980s as a staff writer and performer on the television comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL). After decades as a comedic actor and writer, he became a prominent liberal political activist, hosting The Al Franken Show on Air America Radio. Franken was first elected to the United States Senate in 2008 as the nominee of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL, an affiliate of the Democratic Party), defeating incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman by 312 votes out of...  more
    • Age: 70
    • Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    • Alternative Name: Al Franken

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  • Photo: Rob Crandall / Shutterstock
    Alan Greenspan (; born March 6, 1926) is an American economist who served as Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006. He currently works as a private adviser and provides consulting for firms through his company, Greenspan Associates LLC. First appointed Federal Reserve chairman by President Ronald Reagan in August 1987, he was reappointed at successive four-year intervals until retiring on January 31, 2006, after the second-longest tenure in the position (behind William McChesney Martin).Greenspan came to the Federal Reserve Board from a consulting career. Although he was subdued in his public appearances, favorable media coverage raised his profile to a point...  more
    • Age: 95
    • Birthplace: Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States of America

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  • Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1755 or 1757 – July 12, 1804) was an American statesman, politician, legal scholar, military commander, lawyer, banker and economist. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was an influential interpreter and promoter of the U.S. Constitution, as well as the founder of the nation's financial system, the Federalist Party, the United States Coast Guard, and the New York Post newspaper. As the first Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton was the main author of the economic policies of George Washington's administration. He took the lead in the Federal government's funding of the states' debts, as well as establishing a national bank, a system of...  more
    • Age: Dec. at 47 (1757-1804)
    • Birthplace: Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis

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  • Alan Lee Keyes (born August 7, 1950) is an American conservative political activist, pundit, author and former ambassador. A doctoral graduate of Harvard University, Keyes began his diplomatic career in the U.S. Foreign Service in 1979 at the United States consulate in Bombay, India, and later in the American embassy in Zimbabwe. Keyes was appointed Ambassador to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations by President Ronald Reagan, and served as Reagan's Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs from 1985 to 1987; in his capacities as a UN ambassador, among Keyes's accomplishments was contributing to the Mexico City Policy. Keyes ran for President of...  more
    • Age: 70
    • Birthplace: Long Island, New York, United States of America

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