Famous Max Ernst Paintings

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List of famous Max Ernst paintings, listed alphabetically with pictures of the art when available. A celebrated artist around the world, Max Ernst has created some of the most historic paintings of all time. These popular Max Ernst paintings fetch insane amounts of money at art auctions, so if you want to buy one then start saving your money now. Going to museums can be expensive and time consuming, so scroll through this list to see paintings that Max Ernst created from the comfort of your own home. You can find additional information for these renowned Max Ernst paintings by clicking the names of the pieces.

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Aquis Submersus is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Famous Max Ernst Paintings
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Aquis Submersus is a painting by the German dadaist and surrealist Max Ernst created in 1919. Influenced by the Italian metaphysical art it is one of Ernst's earliest works showing surrealistical accents. It currently resides at the Städel museum in Frankfurt, Germany. The painting depicts a swimming pool surrounded by buildings. The sense of dimension is unclear. The features of the buildings appear to be hand-drawn. The buildings leave shadows against the sky like a wall. Hanging in the sky is a clock that reflects on the water as a moon. In the pool, the picture shows a possibly female or childish body in an upside-down position with only the waist and legs above the water level. The ...more on Wikipedia

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Forest and Dove is a painting by the German surrealist Max Ernst. It depicts a nocturnal scene of a forest of bizarre, abstract trees. In the thick of the forest is a childlike depiction of a dove. Both the forest and dove themes have appeared several times in Ernst’s works. According to an analysis by the Tate Gallery in London the forest image represents the forest near Ernst’s childhood home which inspired a sense of ‘enchantment and terror’ in the artist. The same analysis also states that the dove represents Ernst himself. This painting has a heavily textured and three-dimensional appearance. This is owed to a technique called grattage. Grattage was invented by Ernst and the Spanish ...more on Wikipedia

La famille nombreuse (Th... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Famous Max Ernst Paintings
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La famille nombreuse (The Numerous Family)
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Little Machine Constructed by Minimax Dadamax in Person is a mixed-media work of art by the German dadaist/surrealist Max Ernst. This is probably the most famous example of a series of Ernst’s works that were based on diagrams of scientific instruments. This work began by creating print reproductions of these diagrams. They were then colored and textured with a combination of watercolor, gouache and pencil and ink frottage. Frottage is a technique created by Ernst that involves creating rubbings of different textured surfaces like wood and textiles to give the work a three-dimensional appearance. This work also displays Ernst’s interest in typography. Many of the shapes in the machine can be ...more on Wikipedia