Celebrity Men Who Are Even Shorter Than You Already Thought

When you see famous actors up on the big screen, they may appear larger than life. But sometimes that presence is a Hollywood illusion. For proof, look no further than these celebrity men who are shorter than you might have thought.

Whether they are surprisingly short actors, pop stars, or comedians, these men prove that you don't have to be six feet tall to make it in the entertainment industry. There are plenty of leading men who are short and make it work. For example, Prince was 5'3" (though this may have been for the best - if he were any taller, he might have been too much larger than life to handle).

From Bruno Mars and Tom Cruise to Aziz Ansari and Daniel Radcliffe, here are some celebrity men who are relatively short - or at least shorter than you thought. But on the bright side, they're the perfect on-screen matches for famous women who are teeny-tiny.

Photo: Getty Images: Kevin Mazur / Contributor / WireImage