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11 Famous Men Who Cheated with the Nanny/Babysitter/Au Pair

Stories of celebrity cheaters are often sad, but rarely surprising. After all, famous people are often given free passes for bad behavior, even when it comes to cheating on the mothers of their children with the very people those mothers have selected and entrusted to help care for their own families. Yuck. Ben Affleck, Jude Law, Ethan Hawke, Gavin Rossdale... Several famous actors, musicians and politicians have been rumored to have cheated with the au pair. Some of these scandals ended in heartbreak, but several actors and nannies went on to get married to each other.

Who is the most famous man who cheated with the babysitter? Arnold Schwarzenegger tops our list. In 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger generated big headlines when it was revealed that he had an affair with his maid and nanny, Mildred Beana, in the 1990s. The relationship resulted in the birth of Beana's son, who was fathered by Schwarzenegger. He and his wife, Maria Shriver, have been separated since the news broke.

Back in 2005, Jude Law and Sienna Miller were the British "it couple." That all ended when it was revealed that Law had cheated on his fiance with his children's nanny, Daisy Wright. "I want to publicly apologize to Sienna and our respective families for the pain that I have caused," he said at the time. Other famous men who allegedly slept with their nannies include Ben Affleck, Mick Jagger, and Gavin Rossdale.

Why do you think that an actor would be led astray by a nanny, when they are already married to a beautiful woman? Get in on the conversation in the comments section.