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Celebrities Who Can Relate To Your Middle Child Syndrome

Updated 27 Nov 2019 1.1k views41 items

Some of the most famous people in the world grew up as the middle child of their families. Famous middle children have succeeded in everything from business and politics to acting. Celebrities who are the middle sibling are often still very connected to their families now that they are famous. Several celebrities who are the middle child even have famous brothers and sisters.

Who are some of the most famous middle child celebrities? Miley Cyrus is her "Mother's Daughter" and she's in the middle of a six-sibling family. She has three older half siblings Brandi, Trace, and Christopher Cyrus, and two younger siblings, Braison and Noah Cyrus. Britney Spears is also a middle child. The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, has one older brother, Larry Leibowitz, as well as two younger half-brothers. Other famous middle children include Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lopez.

Are you surprised that so many celebs are middle children? Check out this list to learn more about all the famous people who are also middle children.

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