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“Ask yourselves if the gods are angry, you who have seen Harmony come among us, walk among us, touch us, look kindly upon us. We are the Sacred Band of Thebes. We fight in the forefront, therefore we bleed first. We live, therefore we die.” Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"Deception is a tactic: use it. Do whatever it takes to win." Janet Morris

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Don't, boy. Draw that sword on your left hip now and everything changes -- for the worse, for you and all your brothers. Janet Morris, Chris Morris, Critias

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‎"Niko and his women will be the death of all the Stepsons yet." Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"Wanting neither too much to live, nor too much to die." Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"Be polite to all, friendly to none. Be professional. Be ready to kill everyone and everything." Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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Tempus would be protected, better shielded from whatever the Stepson thought threatening, if love could heal and save. Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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Hug my crack. Janet Morris, Critias

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One man can make another’s life so much better. Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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Some nights, valor and cold purpose aren't enough. Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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‎"Gather the shards of your courage. Patch together what resolve you can. We'll find this thing -- and kill it." Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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You count up your dead, every one. Always. Recall them, each and all – every face, every heart. Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"Volunteer for what?" Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"Let fools believe what fools believe." Janet Morris

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"Keep your enemies at a distance, your partners close at hand." Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"You have crossbows: Shoot early; shoot often." Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"The only unfair fight is the one you lose." Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"Sacred Bands and elite squadrons aren't what the mercenaries' guild is about. Field them at your peril." Janet Morris

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"And what do the Theban hoplites see in this extended rending of the sky, this white-bright glory of Enlil's lightning? The future, but not theirs: paired cavalry fighters; formed ranks of armored death; grim men on their tall horses with lightning limning weapons tailored to the task; men spoiling for a fight if the gods allowed -- the Sacred Band of Stepsons, out from shadows and the dark." Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"One man, one horse, one holocaust on demand." Janet Morris

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"When you give death, you give of your own life -- every time." Janet Morris

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"Kiss my pommel." Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"We know. We've seen it all before." Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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"Every man's in his own hands, with a little help from his brothers." Janet Morris

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Sometimes a man does what he'd most like to avoid. Janet Morris, Chris Morris