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Famous Figures Whose Names We Just Realized We're Mispronouncing

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What's in a name? Apparently, a lot of misconceptions and mispronunciations. These famous names have become part of the public vocabulary, whether they belonged to historic heroes or modern-day celebrities. But once the masses start to say a name in a particular way, it tends to stick.

Many of the people on this list found it hard to change the narrative once their mispronounced name got big, and resigned themselves to being called the wrong thing for all of eternity. In other cases, translating names into English from another language caused the mispronunciation mishap. And occasionally, the mispronounced name is so well known, it actually overtakes the original version, making a wrong into a right.

Some of these might change the way you say certain names. But also, we get it. No one wants to be the person who insists on calling The Cat in the Hat author "Dr. Soice." Still, it's nice to know the technically correct way of saying things, and some of these mispronunciations have backstories more mind-blowing than the right way to say the name. At least now, if you're ever time-traveling to the beginning of the Mongol Empire, you'll be courteous enough to pronounce "Genghis Khan" correctly.