Famous Model Train Hobbyists

All aboard! Several famous musicians, actors, and TV personalities are model railway enthusiasts. Some of these celebrities collect Lionel trains, while others prefer a variety of models. One famous musician even put off recording a new album to work on his elaborate railroad model.

Who is the most famous model train hobbyist? Tom Hanks tops our list. His love of model trains reportedly made him eager to sign on as a voice actor in the 2004 film The Polar Express. Frank Sinatra collected Lionel and tinplate model trains. He even had an entire cottage dedicated to the hobby. Neil Young loves model trains so much that he is a part owner of Lionel Trains.

In 2008, it was reported that Phil Collins was incredibly busy building a model railroad at his home in Switzerland, and the album that he was supposed to be recording had to be put on hold. Other notable model train enthusiasts include Eric Clapton, Walt Disney, and Johnny Cash.

Do you collect model trains? Take a look at this famous model train hobbyist list and let us know who you think would have the most impressive collection.