Famous Movie Lines That Were Unscripted

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What if we told you the famous line, "Warriors, come out to play," is actually an unscripted, totally ad-libbed movie line? In this list, we're going to focus on the magic that strikes during production. It's when the right actor has just the right instinct at the right moment and creates something iconic. The actor says a line that becomes larger than the script, larger than the moment, and sometimes represents the entire movie.

Movies are an incredibly huge undertaking. It takes a village (or an army, depending on who you ask) to make a film. They say you make a film three times: once in pre-production, again while you're filming, and finally while you're editing. At any of these points, lightning can strike and completely change the course of the film. This is a collection of famous, originally unscripted, dialogue in classic films. Those one-in-a-million pieces of magic where a line struck all the right chords and became legendary

Latest additions: "Son Of A Bitch Stole My Line." - Good Will Hunting