Famous (Alleged) Ordo Templis Orientis Members List

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Alleged members of the OTO

List of Famous Ordo Templis Orientis Members ranked by fame and popularity. Ordo Templis Orientis otherwise known as OTO is an international religious organization. Occultist and religious leader Aleister Crowley was initiated into the group in 1910 and he quickly integrated Thelma pantheons into the OTO encouraging members to “do what thou wilt.” Here is a list of famous Ordo Templis Orientis members.

Ordo Templis Orientis membership is private, but many followers openly speak of their beliefs. In 2013, Peaches Geldof took to twitter to declare her allegiance to the OTO and rapper Jay-Z uses OTO symbols in his Rocawear clothing line. Hova himself has even been spotted wearing a hoody with the OTO adage “do what thou wilt” written on it. Guitarist Jimmy Page incorporated OTO symbolism into Led Zeppelin’s music and even purchased Aleister Crowley's house.

Many artists, film makers and musicians have taken inspiration from the Ordo Templis Orientis. Director Stanley Kubrick incorporated visuals that allude to the OTO in his final film “Eyes Wide Shut.” The Beatles featured an image of Aleister Crowley himself on the cover of their Sgt. Peppers album. Thelmic references can also be found throughout George Lucas' “Star Wars Trilogy.”

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