Famous Parents of Multiples

Many famous parents have welcomed a little bundle of joy. Or three. Or more. Celebrities with multiples have made their marks on stage, on the screen, or in the world of visual arts. Some famous parents of triplets are musicians while other well-known moms and dads are reality TV stars. A few famous parents of multiples have even had six or more children with one pregnancy.

Who will you find on this list of famous people with triplets or multiples? In 2017, Pharrell Williams welcomed triplets with his wife Helen Lasichanh. The couple previously had a son, Rocket, in 2008. Reality star Kate Gosselin had sextuplets in 2004. She previously had twin girls in 2000. All of her children are with her then-husband Jon Gosselin.

Loveline host Dr. Drew Pinsky is father to triplets named Douglas, Jordan, and Paulina, with Susan Sailer. Other celebrities with multiples include Nadya Suleman, Richard Thomas, and English sculptor Barbara Hepworth.

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