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Famous People Who Are Allergic to Cats

Say it ain’t so! This list of famous people who are allergic to cats highlights the poor celebrities who will never get to cuddle an adorable furry kitty in their arms (at least without suffering an intense sneezing attack afterward). Stars: they’re just like us. Which means several famous actresses, models and musicians are allergic to cats. Some of these celebrities are highly allergic, but some of them still can't resist having them as pets. One famous model even created a character who has cat allergies in her book series.

Who is the most famous person who is allergic to cats? How about Jessica Alba! The Fantastic Four actress reportedly can’t be around the world’s most adorable animal. Alicia Silverstone is a vegan and animal lover, but she is also believed to be allergic to cats. Paula Abdul may have danced with a cat in her video for "Opposites Attract," but in real life she is reportedly allergic to felines. Despite their severe pet allergies, some of these sensitive stars could not resist the power of big, cute kitten eyes.

Tori Spelling didn't let her cat allergy stop her from adopting a few. She has three cats and works with rescue shelters. (The animal lover even has a pet chicken named Coco Chanel.)

Would you brave co-habitation with a cat even if you were allergic? Share your thoughts in the comments section.