12 Random B-Horror Movies With Appearances From Famous Actors  

Jacob Shelton
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B movies are wonderful. They’re inexpensive to make, so you can get a nice return on your low budget creature feature about evil corn or whatever. And there’s always the possibility one of the young actors you’re dousing in fake blood will go on to be a mega star, in which case ou can clap their face on the cover and sell it to fans the world over as a look into the rise of a great global power. 

B movies featuring famous people are fascinating looks into process. When you see celebrities in horror movies before they were famous, it’s like stepping back in time to see a teenager going through growing pains – they’re awkward, they sound funny, and there’s usually a lot of blood. If you’re a celebrity nut and a horror fiend, but not sure which movies have the biggest stars, we’re help to help you track down the films that put the biggest celebrities on display at their most desperate.

When some actors get out of the B movie ghetto they never look back. Leonardo Dicaprio made the leap to the A-list and did his best to forget about his straight-to-VHS past. But then you have actors like George Clooney, who did time in a couple of B horror films, and came back to the genre after he was famous, and was actually pretty good, despite the full body tribal tattoo.

If you’re in the mood for self flagellation, look up some of the movies these famous actors appear in, but be prepared to never look at your celebrity crush the same way again. 

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In 1996, George Clooney was one of the hunkiest doctors on TV, and appeared in a bunch of episodes of Roseanne. But once a B-Movie actor, always a B-Movie actor. Thanks to his history with the format in Return to Horror High and Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Clooney slipped easily into his role as a hit man who has to fight a cabal of Mexican va-va-va-vampires while escaping prosecution with a lapsed priest and his family. 

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Steve McQueen plays the world's oldest teenager in the best Red Scare film of the '50s (except maybe Invasion of the Body Snatchers), The Blob. Rather than being cast as the ultra handsome hero he went on to play in every film afterwards, here he's a total dork who gets trapped in a diner while the real hero figures out how to freeze the alien menace. 

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The Critters movies are capital R-O-U-G-H, and he third film in the series all but throws out the the scary faux gremlins and doubles down on the manic Michigan J. Frog intensity that's hard to watch even in a fun way. That said, it's amazing Leonardo DiCaprio got out of the late-night-on-TNT horror ghetto and made his way to prestige films like Poison Ivy and Don's Plum

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Everybody's got to start somewhere, and Clint Eastwood started out playing a bit part as a weathered scientist who's studying why cats and rats can't be friends. And that's real talk. 

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