13 Famous People Who Allegedly Practiced Black Magic

Humans have always been captivated by the mysteries of the universe and the secrets of life and death. People use the occult for a variety of reasons - for money, for love, for fame. And celebrities are no different. They too want to know the secrets of the universe and sometimes dabble in black magic. You might even be surprised by some of these people who have either been suspected of practicing or openly do practice black magic or study magical arts and philosophy. 

The history of celebrities and the occult goes way back to the early days of music, tv, literature, and film. Famous writers, musicians, artists, actors and more have been accused of practicing black magic for decades. To this day, there are still many famous people with an open interest in mysticism. Whether these people who practiced black magic, or any sort of magic at all, did it for real, these figures have managed to get public imagination abuzz. Check out this list if you want to know more about some famous black magic users who fought demons, cast curses, and hoarded mythic books, among other things.