Here's Every Notable Person Donald Trump Has Blocked On Twitter  

Eric Conner
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At 35,000 tweets and counting, Donald Trump has forever altered America's political landscape, 140 characters at a time. He's also made his share of digital enemies, who've mocked his garish lifestyle, his inability to keep his cabinet members employed, and the overall WTF nature of his presidency.  

So, what does the most powerful man in the world do when attacked on Twitter? Nothing less than the "modern day presidential" equivalent of taking his ball home and refusing to play. He blocks detractors without discrimination; the list of famous people Donald Trump has blocked on Twitter pales in comparison to the list of regular citizens on his do not play list. From the Boston Globe:

"He has blocked people like Angela Belcamino, a New York actress who insulted the president’s golf game in August. (And) Eugene Gu, a surgeon resident in Tennessee... was blocked for mocking the president’s penchant for misspellings."  

The lesson: if you aim for the Trump on Twitter, don't miss, or else you may join this list of celebrities blocked by Trump on Twitter. Tweet wisely, friends.  

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VoteVets is an organization that "represent(s) over 500K progressive veterans, military families, & supporters." Yet even the voice of a half million veterans can be silenced by POTUS with one click.  

But you can still support their important cause at

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Stephen King may have sold an estimated 350 million books, but his dozens of blistering tweets against the president cost him one "reader." (Note: Donald Trump's ability to read is unconfirmed).  

Apparently, comparing the Twitterer-in-Chief to Voldemort has its consequences.  

Worry not: JK Rowling came to her fellow author's rescue.  

And now, Trump is not allowed to spend quality time with Pennywise the Clown. 

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Photo:  Paramount Television

Trump took his Twitter battles to faraway galaxies when he blocked Commander Deanna Troi, Marina Sirtis. A mere six minutes after Ms. Sirtis tweeted:

She learned the President reads his fan mail in real time and reacts accordingly.  

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Lauren Wolfe
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Donald Trump's disdain for journalists is well documented. When Lauren Wolfe took the president to task for misquoting London mayor Sadiq Khan, she joined many of her peers in the Presidential Dog House. Per Wired

"On June 4, Trump mangled the Mayor of London's words in tweet accusing Sadiq Khan as saying there is 'no reason to be alarmed' in the wake of a devastating terrorist attack. Wolfe, much like everyone else on Twitter, decided to correct Trump:

What Khan in fact said: There was 'no reason to be alarmed' by an increased, armed police presence. You know no bounds. Liar. A politician twisting words to create fear and garner control – that's fascism.'

In the face of these accusations of fascism, Trump did the only reasonable thing: He stuck his fingers firmly in his ears and yelped until the bad words went away."

Her response on is epic: "President Trump, unblock me and all the other citizen voices you have shut down. It's my First Amendment right to be heard in the public forum of your Twitter feed."

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