Famous People Buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Old Hollywood lives on in this list of notable people and celebrities buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This list includes the names of famous and significant people whose graves, mausoleums, or memorials can be found at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood as well as those who have been cremated at Hollywood Forever. If you've ever visited for a movie night or taken a tour of LA, you might have wondered: "Who is buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery?" Let this list help answer that question!

From Cecil B. DeMille to Jayne Mansfield, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the forever home of some of the world's most famous stars. Complete lists of interments at various cemeteries are not always revealed to the public, but a lot of information about the graves and headstones of celebrities can often be found on the web, and Hollywood Forever Cemetery has released some of this information. Cemeteries often have different policies about allowing the public to visit celebrity graves so it's a good idea to get in touch with them first before grabbing a map of the graveyard and planning a trip.

  • Known as: Musician
    George Harrison (25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001) was an English musician, singer-songwriter, and music and film producer who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles. ...more
  • Known as: Actress
    Jayne Mansfield (born April 19, 1933 – June 29, 1967) was an American film, theater, and television actress. She was also a nightclub entertainer, a singer, and one of the early Playboy Playmates. ...more
  • Known as: Musician And Member Of The Ramones
    John William Cummings (October 8, 1948 – September 15, 2004), known professionally as Johnny Ramone, was an American guitarist and songwriter, best known for being the guitarist for the punk rock ...more
  • Known as: Director/Producer
    Cecil Blount DeMille (; August 12, 1881 – January 21, 1959) was an American filmmaker. Between 1914 and 1958, he made a total of 70 features, both silent and sound films. He is acknowledged as a ...more
  • Known as: Actress
    Estelle Getty (née Scher; also known as Estelle Gettleman; July 25, 1923 – July 22, 2008) was an American actress and comedian, who appeared in film, television, and theatre. She was best known for ...more
  • Known as: Director/Screenwriter
    John Marcellus Huston (; August 5, 1906 – August 28, 1987) was an American film director, screenwriter, and actor. Huston was a citizen of the United States by birth but renounced U.S. citizenship to ...more
  • Known as: Actor/Comedian And Voice Over Talent
    Melvin Jerome Blanc (; May 30, 1908 – July 10, 1989) was an American voice actor and radio personality. After beginning his over-60-year career performing in radio, he became known for his work in ...more
  • Known as: Actor
    Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguella (May 6, 1895 – August 23, 1926), known professionally as Rudolph Valentino, was an Italian actor based in the United ...more
  • Known as: Actor
    Peter Lorre (born László Löwenstein; 26 June 1904 – 23 March 1964) was a Hungarian-born American character actor of Jewish descent. Lorre began his stage career in Vienna before moving to Germany ...more
  • Known as: Actor
    Douglas Fairbanks (born Douglas Elton Thomas Ullman; May 23, 1883 – December 12, 1939) was an American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. He was best known for his swashbuckling roles in ...more
  • Known as: Actor
    David White (April 4, 1916 – November 27, 1990) was an American stage, film and television actor best known for playing Darrin Stephens' boss Larry Tate on the 1964–72 ABC situation comedy Bewitched.
  • Known as: French/American Singer-songwriter
    Joseph Ira Dassin (5 November 1938 – 20 August 1980) was an American-born French singer-songwriter.
  • Known as: Actor
    John Rummel Hamilton (January 16, 1887 – October 15, 1958) was an American actor who appeared in many movies and television programs. He is probably remembered best for his role as the blustery ...more
  • Known as: Musician, Actress
    Natalia Mikhailovna Schneiderman (Latvian: Natālija Mihailovna Šneidersmane), (Russian: Наталия Михайловна Шнайдерман), known in the English-speaking world as Natasha Shneider (Russian: Наташа ...more
  • Known as: Actor
    Tyrone Edmund Power III (May 5, 1914 – November 15, 1958) was an American film, stage and radio actor. From the 1930s to the 1950s, Power appeared in dozens of films, often in swashbuckler roles or ...more
  • Yma Sumac

    Yma Sumac

    Known as: Singer, Actress
  • Known as: Actor
    Steve James (born March 8, 1954) is an Oscar-nominated American film producer and director of several documentaries, including Hoop Dreams (1994), Stevie (2002), and Abacus: Small Enough to Jail ...more
  • Known as: Organist
    Robert Mitchell (born 1971) is a British jazz musician, composer and teacher.
  • Known as: Actor
    Paul Muni (born Frederich Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund; September 22, 1895 – August 25, 1967) was an American stage and film actor who grew up in Chicago. Muni was a five-time Academy Award nominee, ...more
  • Known as: Musician
    Woodrow Charles Herman (May 16, 1913 – October 29, 1987) was an American jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, singer, and big band leader. Leading various groups called "The Herd", Herman came to ...more
  • Known as: Composer
    Not to be confused with the actor Victor Sen Yung who was sometimes billed as Victor YoungVictor Young (August 8, 1900 – November 10, 1956) was an American composer, arranger, violinist and ...more
  • Known as: Musician/Composer And Band Leader
    Nelson Smock Riddle Jr. (June 1, 1921 – October 6, 1985) was an American arranger, composer, bandleader and orchestrator whose career stretched from the late 1940s to the mid-1980s. His work for ...more
  • Known as: Musician
    Arthur Edward Pepper Jr. (September 1, 1925 – June 15, 1982) was an American alto saxophonist and very occasional tenor saxophonist and clarinetist. A longtime figure in West Coast jazz, Pepper came ...more
  • Known as: Actor
    Frederick George Peter Ingle Finch (28 September 1916 – 14 January 1977) was an English-Australian actor. He is best remembered for his role as crazed television anchorman Howard Beale in the film ...more
  • Known as: Director
    Victor Lonzo Fleming (February 23, 1889 – January 6, 1949) was an American film director, cinematographer, and producer. His most popular films were The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind (both of ...more