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Famous People Buried in Allegheny Cemetery

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List of famous people buried in Allegheny Cemetery, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Celebrities are often buried in the highest caliber cemeteries, mausoleums and tombs, which is why we've created this list of celebrities buried in Allegheny Cemetery. If you're ever visiting Allegheny Cemetery and want to check out historic graves, then use this list to pinpoint exactly which burial locations you want to see.

People include everything from Richard B. Mellon to Christopher Magee.

This list answers the questions "Which famous people are buried in Allegheny Cemetery?" and "Which celebrities are buried in Allegheny Cemetery?"

From celebrity tombs at Allegheny Cemetery to legendary locals, these are the most well-known people whose final resting place is Allegheny Cemetery. You can find useful information below for these notable people buried in Allegheny Cemetery, like what year and where the person was born.
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    Thomas Mellon

    Dec. at 95 (1813-1908)

    BirthplaceCappagh, United Kingdom

    Thomas Alexander Mellon (February 3, 1813 – February 3, 1908) was an American entrepreneur, lawyer, and judge, best known as the founder of Mellon Bank and patriarch of the Mellon family of...  more
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    Richard B. Mellon

    Dec. at 75 (1858-1933)
    Richard Beatty Mellon (March 19, 1858 – December 1, 1933), sometimes R.B., was a banker, industrialist, and philanthropist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania....  more
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    Rachel Mellon Walton

    Dec. at 107 (1899-2006)

    BirthplacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Rachel Larimer Mellon Walton (January 8, 1899 – March 2, 2006) was an American philanthropist....  more
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    Harry Kendall Thaw

    Dec. at 76 (1871-1947)

    BirthplaceAllegheny, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Harry Kendall Thaw (February 12, 1871 – February 22, 1947) was the son of Pittsburgh coal and railroad baron William Thaw Sr. Heir to a multimillion-dollar mine and railroad fortune, Thaw had a...  more
  • 5

    James S. Negley

    Dec. at 75 (1826-1901)

    BirthplacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America

    James Scott Negley (December 22, 1826 – August 7, 1901) was an American Civil War General, farmer, railroader, and U.S. Representative from the state of Pennsylvania. He played a key role in the...  more
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    Christopher Magee

    Dec. at 53 (1848-1901)

    BirthplacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America

    Christopher Magee may refer to: Christopher Magee (politician) (1848–1901), political boss in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Christopher Magee (fighter pilot) (1917–1995), United States...  more
  • 7

    Alexander Hays

    Dec. at 45 (1819-1864)

    BirthplaceFranklin, Pennsylvania

    Alexander Hays (July 8, 1819 – May 5, 1864) was a Union Army general in the American Civil War, killed in the Battle of the Wilderness....  more
  • 8

    Thomas Algeo Rowley

    Dec. at 84 (1808-1892)

    BirthplacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Thomas Algeo Rowley (October 5, 1808 – May 14, 1892) was a Union Army general in the American Civil War. Following charges about the conduct of his officers at Gettysburg, Rowley was tried by a court...  more
  • 9

    Alfred L. Pearson

    Dec. at 65 (1838-1903)

    BirthplacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Alfred Lawrence Pearson (December 28, 1838 – January 6, 1903) was a lawyer and Union Army general in the American Civil War. He was awarded the U.S. military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor,...  more
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    James Wallace Conant

    Dec. at 44 (1862-1906)

    BirthplacePortsmouth, Ohio

    James Wallace Conant (August 10, 1862 – March 14, 1906) was an amusement manager who later became the manager of the Schenley Park Casino, as well as the first manager of the Duquesne Gardens, the...  more
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    John Walton, Jr.

  • 12

    John F. Walton III