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Famous People From Guatemala

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List of famous people from Guatemala, including photos when available. The people below are listed by their popularity, so the most recognizable names are at the top of the list. Some of the people below are celebrities born in Guatemala, while others are simply notable locals. If you're from Guatemala you might already know that these prominent figures are also from your hometown, but some of the names below may really surprise you. This list includes people who were born and raised in Guatemala, as well as those who were born there but moved away at a young age.

Use every item on this list for yours, from Ricardo Alfonso Cerna to Ricardo Arjona.

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    Alejandro Galindo

    Age: 28
    Alejandro Galindo is a Guatemalan soccer player....  more
  • 27

    Miguel Rosales

    Age: 59
    Miguel Rosales is president and principal designer of Rosales + Partners, a transportation...  more
  • 28

    Michael Kaluta

    Age: 73
    Michael William Kaluta, sometimes credited as Mike Kaluta or Michael Wm. Kaluta (born August...  more
  • 29

    Christian López

    Dec. at 29 (1984-2013)
    Christian Alberto López Bobadilla was a Guatemalan weightlifter. He competed in the -105kg...  more
  • 30

    Julen Urigüen

    Age: 29
    Julen Urigüen Sieveking (born July 22, 1991 in Guatemala City, Guatemala) is a former...  more
  • 31

    Lou Sagastume

    Luis "Lou" Sagastume is a retired Guatemalan-American soccer player who spent three seasons in...  more
  • 32

    Jorge Serrano Elías

    Age: 75
    Jorge Antonio Serrano Elías (born April 26, 1945) was President of Guatemala from January 14,...  more
  • 33

    Mario Rafael Rodríguez

    Age: 39
    Mario Rafael Rodríguez Rodríguez (born September 14, 1981 in Guatemala City, Guatemala) is a...  more
  • 34

    Erwin Morales

    Age: 35
    Erwin Morales is a Guatemalan soccer player....
  • 35

    Josué García

    Age: 32
    Josué García is a Guatemalan professional footballer who currently plays as Midfielder for CSD...
  • 36

    Kendel Herrarte

    Age: 28
    Kendel Herrarte is a Guatemalan professional footballer who currently plays as striker for CSD...
  • 37

    Vinicio Cerezo

    Age: 77
    Marco Vinicio Cerezo Arévalo (born December 26, 1942) is a Guatemalan politician. He served as...  more
  • 38

    P. M. Carlson

    Age: 80
    P. M. Carlson is an Edgar Award nominated author....
  • 39

    Alfred Julio Jensen

    Dec. at 78 (1903-1981)
    Alfred Julio Jensen was an abstract painter. His paintings are often characterized by grids of...  more
  • 40

    Juan Valenzuela

    Age: 31
    Juan Valenzuela is a Guatemalan professional footballer who currently plays as striker for CSD...
  • 41

    Carlos Batres

    Age: 52
    Carlos Alberto Batres González (born April 2, 1968 in Guatemala City) is a Guatemalan football...  more
  • 42

    Juan José Arévalo

    Dec. at 86 (1904-1990)
    Juan José Arévalo Bermejo (10 September 1904 – 8 October 1990) was a professor of philosophy...  more
  • 43

    Jorge Rodas

    Age: 48
    Jorge Alexander Rodas Hurtarte (born October 9, 1971) is a retired Guatemalan professional...  more
  • 44

    Mayra Herrera

    Age: 31
    Mayra Herrera is an athlete....  more
  • 45

    Carlos Peña

    Age: 32
    Carlos Enrique Peña Aldana (born January 9, 1988) is a Guatemalan singer and songwriter. He is...  more
  • 46

    Hilda Morales Trujillo

    Age: 77
    Hilda Morales Trujillo is a lawyer in Guatemala who has become internationally known for her...  more
  • 47

    Mayra Conde

    Age: 51
    Mayra Lissette Conde (born January 28, 1969 in Guatemala City, Guatemala) is a professional...  more
  • 48

    Juan Federico Ponce Vaides

    Dec. at 67 (1889-1956)
    Juan Federico Ponce Vaides (26 August 1889 – 16 November 1956) was the acting President of...  more
  • 49

    Rolando Morán

    Dec. at 69 (1929-1998)
    Comandante Rolando Morán (December 29, 1929 – September 11, 1998) was the nom de guerre of...  more
  • 50

    Ana Sofía Gómez

    Age: 24
    Ana Sofía Gómez Porras is a Guatemalan gymnast who won the Silver Medal in the all-around...  more