Famous People From Liechtenstein

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List of famous people from Liechtenstein, including photos when available. The people below are listed by their popularity, so the most recognizable names are at the top of the list. Some of the people below are celebrities born in Liechtenstein, while others are simply notable locals. If you're from Liechtenstein you might already know that these prominent figures are also from your hometown, but some of the names below may really surprise you. This list includes people who were born and raised in Liechtenstein, as well as those who were born there but moved away at a young age.

List features people like Daniel Vogt and Martin Heeb.

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Dec. at 78 (1858-1936)
John Latenser, Sr. was a Liechtenstein-born American architect whose influential public works in Omaha, Nebraska, numbered in the dozens. His original name was Johann Laternser. Many of the ...more
Gerard Batliner Dec. at 80 (1928-2008)
Gerard Batliner was a political figure from Liechtenstein. He was born in Eschen, Liechtenstein. He studied law at the University of Fribourg and was a attorney-at-law.
age 29
Stephanie Vogt is a Liechtensteinerin professional tennis player. Vogt has won eleven singles and ten doubles titles on the ITF tour in her career. On 24 February 2014, she reached her best ...more
Mario Frick age 53
Mario K. Frick is a former Head of Government of Liechtenstein and attorney-at-law.
Mathias Christen age 31
Mathias Christen is a Liechtensteiner international footballer who plays for the Liechtensteiner club Triesenberg as a midfielder.
Thomas Beck age 38
Thomas Beck is a Liechtenstein football striker who plays for FC Rot-Weiß Rankweil. Beck also played for the Liechtenstein national football team. He earned 92 caps and scored five goals ...more
Erhard Berner Dec. at 66 (1894-1960)
Erhard-Heinrich Berner was a highly decorated Generalmajor in the Wehrmacht during World War II who commanded several divisions. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. ...more
Jessica Walter age 34
Jessica Walter is a Liechtenstein former alpine skier who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics.
Hans Brunhart age 73
Hans Brunhart is a political figure from Liechtenstein.
Birgit Heeb age 46
Birgit Heeb-Batliner is a Liechtenstein former alpine skier who competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics, 1994 Winter Olympics, 1998 Winter Olympics, and 2002 Winter Olympics. She scored one alpine ...more
Julia Hassler age 25
Julia Hassler is an Olympic and national-record holding swimmer from Liechtenstein. She swam for and was Liechtenstein closing-ceremony flag bearer at the 2012 Olympics. She has also swam for ...more
Vinzenz Flatz age 24
Vinzenz Flatz is a Liechtenstein soccer player.
Peter Jehle age 37
Peter Karl Jehle is a Liechtensteiner footballer who plays for FC Vaduz in the Swiss Super League, as a goalkeeper.
Martin Rechsteiner age 30
Martin Rechsteiner is a Liechtensteiner former international footballer who played as a right back.
Fabian Eberle age 26
Fabian Eberle is a Liechtensteiner footballer who currently plays for FC Balzers.
Daniel Kaufmann age 28
Daniel Kaufmann is a Liechtensteiner footballer who currently plays for FC Vaduz in the Swiss Challenge League.
age 34
Marina Nigg is an alpine skier.
Josef Rheinberger Dec. at 62 (1839-1901)
Josef Gabriel Rheinberger was an organist and composer, born in Liechtenstein but resident for most of his life in Germany.
Rainer Nägele age 75
Rainer Nägele is a 1987 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities.
age 29
Christina "Tina" Weirather is a World Cup alpine ski racer from Liechtenstein.
age 33
Franz-Josef Vogt is a retired international footballer from Liechtenstein who played as a defender. Vogt played club football for FC Buchs, and formerly played for USV Eschen/Mauren, FC Balzers ...more
Franz Burgmeier age 36
Franz Burgmeier is a Liechtenstein footballer, who plays as a midfielder for Vaduz in the Swiss Super League. Born in Triesen, Burgmeier was a burgeoning footballer and keen skier, until he gave ...more
Philipp Haelg age 27
Philipp Haelg is a cross-country skier.
Martin Büchel age 32
Martin Büchel is a Liechtenstein footballer, who currently plays for FC Unterföhring in Germany.
age 27
Nicolas Hasler is a Liechtensteiner football striker who currently plays for FC Vaduz. He is the son of Rainer Hasler, who was one of Liechtenstein's greatest professional footballers.