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Famous People From Netherlands

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List of famous people from Netherlands, including photos when available. The people below are listed by their popularity, so the most recognizable names are at the top of the list. Some of the people below are celebrities born in Netherlands, while others are simply notable locals. If you're from Netherlands you might already know that these prominent figures are also from your hometown, but some of the names below may really surprise you. This list includes people who were born and raised in Netherlands, as well as those who were born there but moved away at a young age.

People on this list include Willebrord Snellius and Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

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  • Famke Janssen

    BirthplaceAmstelveen, Netherlands

    Famke Beumer Janssen (Dutch: [ˈfɑmkə ˈjɑnsə(n)]; born c. 1964) is a Dutch actress, director,... more on Wikipedia

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  • Eddie Van Halen

    BirthplaceNijmegen, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Edward Lodewijk Van Halen (January 26, 1955 - October 6, 2020) was a Dutch-American musician,... more on Wikipedia

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  • Theo van Gogh

    Theo van Gogh

    Age: Died at 47 (1957-2004)

    BirthplaceThe Hague, Netherlands

    Theodoor "Theo" van Gogh (Dutch: [ˈteːjoː vɑŋ ˈɣɔx]; 23 July 1957 – 2 November 2004) was a... more on Wikipedia

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  • Mata Hari

    Mata Hari

    Dec. at 41 (1876-1917)

    BirthplaceLeeuwarden, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Margaretha Geertruida "Margreet" MacLeod (née Zelle; 7 August 1876 – 15 October 1917), better... more on Wikipedia

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  • Guido van Rossum


    Guido van Rossum (Dutch: [ˈɣido vɑn ˈrɔsʏm, -səm]; born 31 January 1956) is a Dutch programmer... more on Wikipedia
  • Christiaan Huygens

    Christiaan Huygens

    Dec. at 66 (1629-1695)

    BirthplaceNetherlands, South Holland, The Hague, European Netherlands, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Christiaan Huygens ( HY-gənz, also US: HOY-gənz, Dutch: [ˈkrɪstijaːn ˈɦœyɣə(n)s] (listen);... more on Wikipedia


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  • Henri Nouwen

    Henri Nouwen

    Dec. at 64 (1932-1996)

    BirthplaceNetherlands, European Netherlands, Nijkerk, Gelderland, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Henri Jozef Machiel Nouwen (January 24, 1932 – September 21, 1996) was a Dutch Catholic... more on Wikipedia
  • Johan de Witt

    Johan de Witt

    Dec. at 47 (1625-1672)

    BirthplaceDordrecht, Netherlands

    Johan de Witt (24 September 1625 – 20 August 1672) was a Dutch statesman and a major political... more on Wikipedia
  • Nina Foch

    Nina Foch

    Dec. at 84 (1924-2008)

    BirthplaceLeiden, Netherlands

    Nina Foch (; born Nina Consuelo Maud Fock; April 20, 1924 – December 5, 2008) was a Dutch... more on Wikipedia
  • Wilhelmina Cooper

    Wilhelmina Cooper

    Dec. at 41 (1939-1980)

    BirthplaceCulemborg, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Wilhelmina Gertrud Frieda Cooper (née Behmenburg; 1 May 1939 – 1 March 1980) was a... more on Wikipedia

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  • Olivier van Noort

    Olivier van Noort

    Dec. at 69 (1558-1627)

    BirthplaceUtrecht, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Olivier van Noort (1558 – 22 February 1627) was a Dutch merchant captain and the first... more on Wikipedia
  • Albert Mol

    Albert Mol

    Age: Died at 87 (1917-2004)

    BirthplaceAmsterdam, Netherlands

    Albert Mol (3 January 1917 – 9 March 2004) was a Dutch author, actor and television... more on Wikipedia
  • Cornelis de Witt

    Cornelis de Witt

    Dec. at 49 (1623-1672)

    BirthplaceDordrecht, Netherlands

    Cornelis de Witt (pronunciation ) (15 June 1623 – 20 August 1672) was a Dutch politician.
  • Ruud Lubbers

    BirthplaceRotterdam, Netherlands

    Rudolphus Franciscus Marie "Ruud" Lubbers (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈryt ˈlʏbərs] (listen); 7 May... more on Wikipedia
  • Grinling Gibbons

    Grinling Gibbons

    Dec. at 73 (1648-1721)

    BirthplaceRotterdam, Netherlands

    Grinling Gibbons (4 April 1648 – 3 August 1721) was an English sculptor and wood carver known... more on Wikipedia
  • Corrie ten Boom

    Corrie ten Boom

    Dec. at 91 (1892-1983)

    BirthplaceNetherlands, Amsterdam, European Netherlands, Kingdom of the Netherlands, North Holland

    Cornelia Arnolda Johanna "Corrie" ten Boom (15 April 1892 – 15 April 1983) was a Dutch... more on Wikipedia
  • Dirk Langendijk

    Dirk Langendijk

    Dec. at 57 (1748-1805)

    BirthplaceRotterdam, Netherlands

    Dirk Langendijk (Rotterdam, 8 March 1748 – Rotterdam, 15 December 1805), written as Langendyk... more on Wikipedia
  • Meindert Hobbema

    Meindert Hobbema

    Dec. at 71 (1638-1709)

    BirthplaceAmsterdam, Netherlands

    Meindert Hobbema (bapt. October 31, 1638 – December 7, 1709), was a Dutch Golden Age painter... more on Wikipedia
  • Werner van den Valckert

    Werner van den Valckert

    Dec. at 42 (1585-1627)

    BirthplaceAmsterdam, Netherlands

    Werner van den Valckert (ca. 1585 - after 1635) was a Dutch Golden Age painter and engraver.
  • Ary Scheffer

    Ary Scheffer

    Dec. at 63 (1795-1858)

    BirthplaceDordrecht, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Ary Scheffer (10 February 1795 – 15 June 1858) was a Dutch-French Romantic painter. He was... more on Wikipedia
  • Hans van Mierlo

    Hans van Mierlo

    Age: Died at 79 (1931-2010)

    BirthplaceBreda, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Henricus Antonius Franciscus Maria Oliva "Hans" van Mierlo (Dutch pronunciation: ['hans fan... more on Wikipedia
  • Fons Rademakers

    Fons Rademakers

    Age: Died at 87 (1920-2007)

    BirthplaceRoosendaal, Netherlands

    Alphonse Marie "Fons" Rademakers (5 September 1920 – 22 February 2007) was a Dutch actor, film... more on Wikipedia
  • Jetta Goudal

    Jetta Goudal

    Dec. at 94 (1891-1985)

    BirthplaceAmsterdam, Netherlands

    Jetta Goudal (, born Julie Henriette Goudeket; July 12, 1891 – January 14, 1985) was a... more on Wikipedia
  • Willem Drees

    Willem Drees

    Dec. at 102 (1886-1988)

    BirthplaceAmsterdam, Netherlands

    Willem Drees Sr. (Dutch pronunciation ; 5 July 1886 – 14 May 1988) was a Dutch statesman and... more on Wikipedia
  • Armin van Buuren

    BirthplaceLeiden, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Armin Jozef Jacobus Daniël van Buuren (born December 25, 1976) is a Dutch DJ, record producer... more on Wikipedia

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