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Famous People From New Brunswick

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List of famous people from New Brunswick, including photos when available. The people below are listed by their popularity, so the most recognizable names are at the top of the list. Some of the people below are celebrities born in New Brunswick, while others are simply notable locals. If you're from New Brunswick you might already know that these prominent figures are also from your hometown, but some of the names below may really surprise you. This list includes people who were born and raised in New Brunswick, as well as those who were born there but moved away at a young age.

This list contains people like Suzie LeBlanc and John J. Adams.

If you want to answer the questions, "Which famous people are from New Brunswick?" or "Which celebrities were born in New Brunswick?" then this list is a great resource for you.
  • Donald Sutherland

    BirthplaceSaint John, Canada

    Donald McNichol Sutherland, (born 17 July 1935) is a Canadian actor whose film career spans...  more

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  • George Edwin King

    George Edwin King

    Dec. at 62 (1839-1901)

    BirthplaceSaint John, Canada

    George Edwin King (October 8, 1839 – May 7, 1901) was a Canadian lawyer, politician, second...  more
  • Henry Emmerson

    Henry Emmerson

    Dec. at 61 (1853-1914)

    BirthplaceMaugerville, New Brunswick, Canada

    Henry Robert Emmerson, (September 25, 1853 – July 9, 1914) was a New Brunswick lawyer,...  more
  • Brett Somers

    Brett Somers

    Dec. at 83 (1924-2007)

    BirthplaceSaint John, Canada

    Brett Somers (born Audrey Dawn Johnston; July 11, 1924 – September 15, 2007) was a...  more
  • BirthplaceRothesay, Canada

    John D. Wallace (born March 26, 1949) is a Canadian politician and a Conservative member of...  more
  • Cayouche

    Age: 72

    BirthplaceMoncton, Canada

    Réginald Charles Gagnon, known as Cayouche, is an Acadian singer-songwriter of Acadian French...  more
  • Rob Young

    Rob Young is a Canadian sound engineer. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the category...  more
  • Antonine Maillet

    BirthplaceBouctouche, Canada

    Antonine Maillet, (French pronunciation: ​[ɑ̃tɔnin majɛ]; born May 10, 1929) is an Acadian...  more
  • Rick Bowness

    BirthplaceMoncton, Canada

    Richard Gary Bowness (born January 25, 1955) is a Canadian professional ice hockey coach and...  more
  • Harlan Carey Brewster

    Dec. at 48 (1870-1918)

    BirthplaceHarvey, Albert County, New Brunswick, Canada

    Harlan Carey Brewster (November 10, 1870 – March 1, 1918) was a politician in British...  more
  • Ryan Jimmo

    Ryan Jimmo

    Age: 38

    BirthplaceSaint John, Canada

    Ryan Jimmo (November 27, 1981 – June 26, 2016) was a Canadian mixed martial artist who...  more
  • BirthplaceBathurst, Bathurst Parish, New Brunswick, Canada

    Lyse Marie Doucet , (; born 24 December 1958) is a Canadian journalist who is the BBC’s chief...  more
  • Bliss Carman

    Bliss Carman

    Dec. at 68 (1861-1929)

    BirthplaceFredericton, Canada

    William Bliss Carman, (April 15, 1861 – June 8, 1929) was a Canadian poet who lived most of...  more
  • Mike Allen

    Mike Allen

    Age: 59

    BirthplaceCanada, New Brunswick, Americas, The Maritimes, York County

    Michael Allen, better known as Mike Allen, (born November 20, 1960 in Fredericton, New...  more
  • W. A. C. Bennett

    Dec. at 79 (1900-1979)

    BirthplaceNew Brunswick, Canada

    William Andrew Cecil Bennett (September 6, 1900 – February 23, 1979) was a Canadian...  more
  • BirthplaceNew Brunswick, Canada

    Bev Vincent is best known as the author of The Road to the Dark Tower, the Bram Stoker Award...  more
  • Francis Alexander Anglin

    Francis Alexander Anglin

    Dec. at 68 (1865-1933)

    BirthplaceSaint John, Canada

    Francis Alexander Anglin PC (April 2, 1865 – March 2, 1933) was the seventh Chief Justice of...  more
  • Gerald Merrithew

    Dec. at 73 (1931-2004)

    BirthplaceSaint John, Canada

    Gerald Stairs "Gerry" Merrithew (September 23, 1931 – September 5, 2004), born in Saint John,...  more
  • John Douglas Hazen

    John Douglas Hazen

    Dec. at 77 (1860-1937)

    BirthplaceOromocto, Canada

    Sir John Douglas Hazen, (June 5, 1860 – December 27, 1937) was a politician in New Brunswick,...  more
  • John B. McNair

    Dec. at 79 (1889-1968)

    BirthplacePerth-Andover, Canada

    John Babbitt McNair, (November 20, 1889 – June 14, 1968) was the 23rd premier of the Province...  more
  • John Peters Humphrey

    Dec. at 90 (1905-1995)

    BirthplaceHampton, Canada

    John Peters Humphrey, OC (April 30, 1905 – March 14, 1995) was a Canadian legal scholar,...  more
  • David Adams Richards

    BirthplaceNewcastle, Miramichi, Canada

    David Adams Richards, CM, ONB (born 17 October 1950) is a Canadian writer and member of the...  more
  • Jack Mackenzie

    Jack Mackenzie

    Dec. at 96 (1888-1984)

    BirthplaceSt. Stephen, Canada

    Chalmers Jack "C. J." Mackenzie, (July 10, 1888 – February 26, 1984) was a Canadian civil...  more
  • Sharon Pollock

    BirthplaceFredericton, Canada

    Sharon Pollock, (born 19 April 1936 in Fredericton, New Brunswick) is a Canadian playwright,...  more
  • Eldon Rathburn

    Dec. at 92 (1916-2008)

    BirthplaceQueens County, New Brunswick, Canada

    Eldon Davis Rathburn (21 April 1916 – 31 August 2008) was a Canadian film composer who scored...  more