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Famous People From Reading

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List of famous people from Reading, including photos when available. The people below are listed by their popularity, so the most recognizable names are at the top of the list. Some of the people below are celebrities born in Reading, while others are simply notable locals. If you're from Reading you might already know that these prominent figures are also from your hometown, but some of the names below may really surprise you. This list includes people who were born and raised in Reading, as well as those who were born there but moved away at a young age.

Examples of people on this list: David Gill, Alexander Ross Clarke and more.

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  • Dorothy Christy

    Dec. at 71 (1906-1977)
    Dorothy Christy (born Dorothea J. Seltzer, later Dorothy Rucker, May 26, 1906 – May 21, 1977)...  more
  • Russell Weigley

    Dec. at 74 (1930-2004)
    Russell Frank Weigley (WY-glee), PhD, (July 2, 1930 – March 3, 2004) was the Distinguished...  more
  • Sir John Huxtable Elliott, (born 23 June 1930), is a British historian, Regius Professor...  more
  • Aaron Bancroft

    Dec. at 84 (1755-1839)
    Aaron Bancroft (November 10, 1755 – August 19, 1839) was an American clergyman. He was born in...  more
  • Eliza Hope Bennett (born 17 March 1992) is an English actress and singer. Her most notable...  more
  • Cris Freddi is a British author. Freddi was born in Reading, England. He was educated at...  more
  • Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg

    Dec. at 93 (1887-1980)
    Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg II, FAIA was a leading architect, an American military and...  more
  • Arthur Negus

    Dec. at 82 (1903-1985)
    Arthur George Negus, OBE (29 March 1903 – 5 April 1985) was a British television personality...  more
  • John Soane

    Dec. at 84 (1753-1837)
    Sir John Soane RA was an English architect who specialised in the Neo-Classical style. The son...  more
  • James F. Steranko (; born November 5, 1938) is an American graphic artist, comic book...  more
  • John Rider Klauder (born January 24, 1932) is an American professor of physics and...  more
  • A. E. Wilder-Smith

    Dec. at 80 (1915-1995)
    Arthur Ernest Wilder-Smith, FRSC, more commonly known as A. E. Wilder-Smith, was a British...  more
  • Charles Simeon

    Dec. at 77 (1759-1836)
    Charles Simeon (24 September 1759 – 13 November 1836), was an English evangelical clergyman....  more
  • Robert Bridges

    Dec. at 50 (1938-1988)
    Robert Bridges was an actor and the uncle of English actress Kate Winslet....  more
  • Adam Blake

    Age: 44
    Adam Blake (born Adam John Blake, 25 January 1976, Reading, Berkshire, England) is an English...  more
  • Gus Yatron

    Dec. at 76 (1927-2003)
    Constantine "Gus" Yatron (October 16, 1927 – March 13, 2003) was an American politician who...  more
  • Martin Cruz Smith (born November 3, 1942) is an American mystery novelist. He is best known...  more
  • Didz Hammond

    Age: 39
    David Jonathan Hammond (born 19 July 1981), better known as Didz Hammond, is an English...  more
  • Bob Price

    Dec. at 77 (1927-2004)
    Robert Dale Price (September 7, 1927 – August 24, 2004), known as Bob Price, was a Republican...  more
  • John Clarkson Stewart (born 2 March 1952), known as John Altman, is an English actor and...  more
  • James Hinton

    Dec. at 53 (1822-1875)
    James Hinton may refer to: James Hinton (surgeon) James Hinton (musician) James Sidney...  more
  • Edwin G. Booz

    Dec. at 64 (1887-1951)
    Edwin George Booz (September 2, 1887 - October 1, 1951) was an American management consultant,...  more
  • Denys Coop

    Dec. at 61 (1920-1981)
    Denys Coop BSC (20 July 1920 – 16 August 1981) was a British cinematographer. He is sometimes...  more
  • Katie Skelton

    Age: 32
    Katie Skelton is an athlete....  more
  • Richard Howitt

    Age: 59
    Richard Howitt may refer to: Richard Howitt (poet) (1799–1869), British poet Richard Howitt...  more