Famous People From Rochdale

List of famous people from Rochdale, including photos when available. The people below are listed by their popularity, so the most recognizable names are at the top of the list. Some of the people below are celebrities born in Rochdale, while others are simply notable locals. If you're from Rochdale you might already know that these prominent figures are also from your hometown, but some of the names below may really surprise you. This list includes people who were born and raised in Rochdale, as well as those who were born there but moved away at a young age.

The list you're viewing is made up of different people like Anna Friel and Walter Kershaw.

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  • Anna Friel
    Age: 46
    • Birthplace: Rochdale, Lancashire, England, UK
    Anna Louise Friel (born 12 July 1976) is an English actress. Born in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, she has been acting professionally since age 13. Friel achieved fame with her portrayal of Beth ...more
    • Birthplace: Rochdale, United Kingdom
  • Alexander Meiklejohn
    Dec. at 92 (1872-1964)
    • Birthplace: Rochdale, United Kingdom
    Alexander Meiklejohn (; 3 February 1872 – 17 December 1964) was a philosopher, university administrator, educational reformer, and free-speech advocate, best known as president of Amherst College.
  • James Phillips Kay-Shuttleworth
    Dec. at 72 (1804-1877)
    • Birthplace: Rochdale, United Kingdom
    Sir James Phillips Kay-Shuttleworth, 1st Baronet (20 July 1804 – 26 May 1877) (born James Kay) of Gawthorpe Hall, Lancashire, was a British politician and educationist.
    • Birthplace: Rochdale, United Kingdom
    Kieran Prendiville (born 25 December 1947) is a television writer, producer and presenter.
  • Jo Bannister

    Jo Bannister

    Age: 71
    • Birthplace: Rochdale, United Kingdom
    Jo Bannister (born 31 July 1951 in Rochdale, Lancashire) is a British crime fiction novelist.