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Who are the most influential people in history? Here's a good place to start. This is a list of every person who has ever been immortalized in a Google Doodle, in order from the very first to the most recent. The first Google Doodle appeared on on August 30, 1998, in honor of Burning Man, surprising visitors to the search engine homepage. It wasn't until 2001 that the very first real person was commemorated. In November of that year, a Google Doodle honored Claude Monet, artistically drawn in the style of the painter's famous water lilies. For more than a decade since, Google has celebrated artists, inventors, poets, musicians, activists, mathematicians, scientists, singers, architects, and hundreds of other people who have made positive contributions to the world as we know it. Every famous person who has been in a Google Doodle is listed in the order in which his or her Doodle appeared on the famous website, along with the date—or multiple dates, when applicable. While most of these cool and interesting people were honored on their birthdays, many others have been recognized on important anniversaries of their work. There is also a picture of each person's Google Doodle, and videos for important men and women like Freddie Mercury, Jules Verne, and Maya Angelou, whose Doodles were interactive. 

Sake Dean Mahomed is listed (or ranked) 100 on the list Every Person Who Has Been Immortalized in a Google Doodle
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Sake Dean Mahomed was a Muslim Bengali traveller, surgeon and entrepreneur who introduced the Indian curry house restaurant in Britain, and was the first Indian to have written a book in English. He also established "shampooing" baths in Great Britain, where he offered therapeutic massage, and was one of the most notable early Asian immigrants to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. ...more on Wikipedia

Profession: Writer

Age: Dec. at 92 (1759-1851)

Birthplace: Patna, India

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Earl Scruggs is listed (or ranked) 99 on the list Every Person Who Has Been Immortalized in a Google Doodle
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January 11, 2019

Earl Eugene Scruggs was an American musician noted for perfecting and popularizing a three-finger banjo-picking style that is a defining characteristic of bluegrass music. Although other musicians had played in three-finger style before him, Scruggs shot to prominence when he was hired by Bill Monroe to fill the banjo slot in his group, The Blue Grass Boys. He later reached a mainstream audience through his performance of "The Ballad of Jed Clampett", the theme for the network television hit The Beverly Hillbillies, in the early 1960s. ...more on Wikipedia

Profession: Musician

Age: Dec. at 88 (1924-2012)

Birthplace: North Carolina, USA

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Evelyn Dove

Evelyn Dove is listed (or ranked) 98 on the list Every Person Who Has Been Immortalized in a Google Doodle
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January 11, 2019

Evelyn Mary Dove (11 January 1902 – 7 March 1987) was a British singer and actress, who early in her career drew comparisons with Josephine Baker. Of West African and English parentage, Dove built a solid reputation in Britain through her work with the BBC in the 1940s, and also performed internationally ...more on Wikipedia

Profession: Sincer, Actress

Age: Dec. at 85 (1902-1987)

Birthplace: London, England


Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid

Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid is listed (or ranked) 97 on the list Every Person Who Has Been Immortalized in a Google Doodle
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Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid or Fakhr un-nisa was a Turkish artist whose work blended the elements of Islamic and Byzantine art from the East with abstract and other influences from the West. She worked in a variety of media such as large oil paintings, collages and stained glass panels. She married into the Hashemite royal family of Iraq and is the mother of Prince Ra'ad, the present claimant to the Iraqi throne. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Dec. at 90 (1901-1991)

Birthplace: Büyükada