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Famous People Named Alain

Updated October 13, 2018 97 items
Who knew there were so many famous people named Alain in the world? Our list of celebrities named Alain includes pictures and information about each person when available, so you can get to know them a little better if you don't know them. The famous Alains below come from all walks of life, but all ended up achieving fame or notoriety in one way or another. This list includes singers named Alain, actors named Alain, and much more. Alain Delon, Alain Prost, and Alain LeRoy Locke are only a few of the well-known people named Alain on this list.
  • Alain Delon

    Soldier, Television producer
    Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon (born 8 November 1935) is a French actor and businessman. He...  more

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  • Alain Prost

    Race car driver
    Alain Marie Pascal Prost OBE (born 24 February 1955) is a retired French racing driver and a...  more
  • Alain LeRoy Locke

    Writer, Philosopher
    Alain Leroy Locke (September 13, 1885 – June 9, 1954) was an American writer, philosopher,...  more
  • Alain Resnais

    Screenwriter, Cinematographer
    Alain Resnais (French: [alɛ̃ ʁɛnɛ]; 3 June 1922 – 1 March 2014) was a French film director and...  more

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  • Alain de Botton

    Author, Essayist
    Alain de Botton, FRSL (; born 20 December 1969) is a Swiss-born British philosopher and...  more
  • Alain Bernard

    Soldier, Swimmer
    Alain Bernard (French pronunciation: ​[alɛ̃ bɛʁnaʁ]; born 1 May 1983) is a former French...  more
  • Alain Jean Giresse (French pronunciation: ​[alɛ̃ ʒiʁɛs]; born 2 August 1952) is a French...  more
  • Alain Badiou

    Alain Badiou (; French: [alɛ̃ badju] (listen) ; born 17 January 1937) is a French philosopher,...  more
  • Alain Daniélou

    Indologist, Historian
    Alain Daniélou (4 October 1907 – 27 January 1994) was a French historian, intellectual,...  more
  • Alain Johannes

    Bassist, Record producer
    Alain Johannes Mociulski (born May 2, 1962) is a Chilean-American multi-instrumentalist and...  more
  • Alain Souchon

    Singer-songwriter, Actor
    Alain Souchon (French pronunciation: ​[alɛ̃ suʃɔ̃]; born Alain Kienast; 27 May 1944) is a...  more
  • Alain Sutter (born 22 January 1968) was one of the most successful Swiss football players...  more
  • Alain Chabat

    Television producer, Film Producer
    Alain Chabat (born 24 November 1958) is a French actor, director, screenwriter and television...  more
  • Alain Bashung

    Songwriter, Actor
    Alain Bashung (French: [alɛ̃ baʃuŋ]; born Alain Baschung 1 December 1947 – 14 March 2009) was...  more
  • Alain Enthoven

    Educator, Professor
    Alain C. Enthoven (born September 10, 1930) is an American economist. He was a Deputy...  more
  • Alain Lamassoure (born 10 February 1944 in Pau) is a French politician and Member of the...  more
  • Alain Trudel

    Alain Trudel (born 13 June 1966) is a Canadian conductor, trombonist and composer....  more
  • Alain Boublil

    Librettist, Film Producer
    Alain Boublil (born 5 March 1941) is a French musical theatre lyricist and librettist, best...  more
  • Alain Sarde

    Television producer, Film Producer
    Alain Sarde is a French film producer and actor....  more
  • Alain Silver

    Film Producer, Screenwriter
    Alain Silver is a US film producer, director, and screenwriter; music producer; film critic,...  more
  • Alain Giletti (born 11 September 1939 in Bourg-en-Bresse, Ain) is a French figure skater. He...  more
  • Alain Marie Juppé (French: [alɛ̃ ʒype]; born 15 August 1945) is a French politician, and a...  more
  • Alain Vigneault (born May 14, 1961) is a Canadian professional ice hockey head coach for the...  more
  • Alain Tanner

    Film Producer, Screenwriter
    Alain Tanner (born 6 December 1929) is a Swiss film director. ...  more
  • Alain Robbe-Grillet

    Novelist, Screenwriter
    Alain Robbe-Grillet (French: [a.lɛ̃ ʁɔb ɡʁi.jɛ]; 18 August 1922 – 18 February 2008) was a...  more