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Who Is The Most Famous Angelo In The World?

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How many celebrities named Angelo can you think of? The famous Angelos below have many different professions, including notable actors named Angelo, famous athletes named Angelo, and even musicians named Angelo.

Angelo Badalamenti is certainly one of the most famous Angelos on this list. One of the famous composers named Angelo, he is best known for his collaborations with David Lynch. His scores include Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, and Mulholland Drive.

Another of the famous people with the first name Angelo is Angelo Moore. He is a singer and saxophonist. He is the frontman of the band Fishbone.

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  • Film Score Composer, Songwriter


    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America

    Angelo Badalamenti (born March 22, 1937) is an American composer, best known for his work scoring films for director David Lynch, notably Blue Velvet, the Twin Peaks saga (1990–1992, 2017), The...  more
  • Poet, Musician


    BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States of America

    Angelo Carmen Christopher Moore (born November 5, 1965) is an American musician, best known for his work as lead singer and saxophonist for the Los Angeles ska and funk metal band Fishbone. Moore...  more
  • Angelo Mosca (born February 13, 1937) is a former Canadian Football League player and professional wrestler. He is also known by the wrestling nicknames King Kong Mosca and The Mighty Hercules. Mosca...  more
  • Angelo Peruzzi (Italian pronunciation: [ˈandʒelo peˈruttsi]; born 16 February 1970) is an Italian football coach and former goalkeeper, and a three-time winner of the Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year...  more
  • American football player

    AgeDec. at 78 (1921-1999)

    BirthplaceWest Springfield, Massachusetts

    Angelo Bortolo Bertelli (June 18, 1921 – June 26, 1999) was an American football player. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1943 playing as a quarterback for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish....  more

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  • Angelo Anthony Buono Jr. (October 5, 1934 – September 21, 2002) was an American serial killer, kidnapper and rapist, who together with his cousin Kenneth Bianchi were known as the Hillside...  more

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  • Wrestler

    AgeDec. at 84 (1925-2010)

    Angelo John Poffo (April 10, 1925 – March 4, 2010) was an American professional wrestler and wrestling promoter. He ran International Championship Wrestling for a number of years, holding cards in...  more
  • Angelo Di Livio (Italian pronunciation: [ˈandʒelo di ˈliːvjo]; born 26 July 1966) is a retired football midfielder and defender. He played for several Italian clubs in Serie A throughout his career,...  more
  • Track and field athlete


    BirthplaceAlbany, Georgia

    Angelo F. Taylor (born December 29, 1978) is an American track and field athlete, winner of 400-meter hurdles at the 2000 and 2008 Summer Olympics. His personal record for the hurdles event is 47.25...  more
  • Age34

    BirthplaceColombo, Sri Lanka

    Angelo Davis Mathews, (Tamil: ஏஞ்சலோ மேத்யூஸ்; born 2 June 1987), is a professional Sri Lankan cricketer and a former captain in all formats. He was also a key member of the team that won the 2014...  more
  • Stunt Double, Businessperson

    AgeDec. at 83 (1908-1991)

    BirthplaceOmaha, Nebraska, United States of America

    Angelo Salvatore Rossitto (February 18, 1908 – September 21, 1991) was an American dwarf actor and voice artist. He had dwarfism and was 2'11" (89 cm) tall, and was often billed as Little Angie or...  more
  • Comedian, Screenwriter


    BirthplaceMontreal, Canada

    Angelo Tsarouchas (born June 22, 1964) is a Canadian comedian/actor. A large element of his stand-up comedy revolves around the parody of his Greek origins. ...  more
  • Footballer


    BirthplaceCassino, Italy

    Obinze Angelo Ogbonna (born 23 May 1988), known as Angelo Ogbonna (Italian pronunciation: [ˈandʒelo oɡˈbɔnna]), is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a centre back for English Premier...  more
  • Opera conductor, Conductor

    AgeDec. at 51 (1821-1873)

    BirthplaceRavenna, Italy

    Angelo Maurizio Gaspare Mariani (11 October 1821 – 13 June 1873) was an Italian opera conductor and composer. His work as a conductor drew praise from Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Gioachino...  more
  • Boxing Trainer, Cornerman

    AgeDec. at 90 (1921-2012)

    BirthplaceUSA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Angelo Dundee (born Angelo Mirena; August 30, 1921 – February 1, 2012) was an 20th century American boxing trainer and cornerman. Internationally known for his work with Muhammad Ali (1960–1981), he...  more
  • Film Producer, Actor

    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, USA

    Angelo Pagan is an actor....  more
  • Angelo Schiavio (Italian pronunciation: [ˈandʒelo ˈskjaːvjo]; 15 October 1905 – 17 April 1990) was an Italian footballer who played as a forward. Schiavio spent his entire career with Bologna, the...  more
  • Angelo Salvatore Ruggiero, Sr. (Italian: [ˈandʒelo rudˈdʒɛːro]; July 29, 1940 – December 5, 1989) was a member of the Gambino crime family and a friend of John Gotti's. Under Gotti's leadership,...  more
  • AgeDec. at 99 (1914-2013)

    Mario Louis Fornini (April 21, 1914 – September 20, 2013) was an American professional wrestler and wrestling promoter, better known professionally as Angelo Savoldi. At the time of his death, he...  more
  • Angelo Domenghini (Italian pronunciation: [ˈandʒelo domeŋˈɡiːni]; born 25 August 1941) is an Italian football manager, and former footballer, who played as a forward, often as a right winger, or even...  more
  • Gangster, Businessperson

    AgeDec. at 69 (1910-1980)

    BirthplaceVillalba, Sicily, Italy

    Angelo Bruno (born Angelo Annaloro; Italian: [ˈandʒelo annaˈlɔːro]; (May 21, 1910 – March 21, 1980) was a Sicilian-American mobster, notable for being boss of the Philadelphia crime family for two...  more
  • Film Score Composer, Composer

    AgeDec. at 78 (1909-1987)

    BirthplaceGenoa, Italy

    Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (22 February 1909 - 21 August 1987) was an Italian composer, he was born in Genoa. He is best known for scoring many films, including Legend of the Lost, Conspiracy of...  more
  • Entrepreneur



    Angelo Sotira (born February 14, 1981) is an American entrepreneur who co-founded the online community DeviantArt on August 7, 2000, with Matthew Stephens and Scott Jarkoff....  more
  • Angelo Anthony Lonardo (1911 − March 31, 2006) was a mobster who became the acting boss of Cleveland crime family in the early 1980s. Lonardo was born in 1911 in Cleveland to Joseph and Concetta...  more
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