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Famous People Named Arnold

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Have you ever realized how many famous people named Arnold there are? We put together this list of celebrities named Arnold to show that Arnolds have a lot of good representation for their names. Some of the famous Arnolds on this list might go by Arnie, so this list also includes famous people named Arnie. From actors named Arnold to athletes named Arnold, this list should include the most notable people whose name is Arnold. This list includes well-known Arnolds like legendary bodybuilder, actor and former politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, former professional golfer Arnold Palmer, and Different Strokes character Arnold Jackson (played by the late Gary Coleman).
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    BirthplaceThal, Austria

    Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (; German: [ˈaɐ̯nɔlt ˈʃvaɐ̯tsn̩ˌʔɛɡɐ]; born July 30, 1947) is an... more on Wikipedia

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  • Arnold Palmer

    BirthplaceLatrobe, Pennsylvania, United States of America

    Arnold Daniel Palmer (September 10, 1929 – September 25, 2016) was an American professional... more on Wikipedia

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  • Arnold Jackson
    Played by the late Gary Coleman, he was the darling of television in the 1980s. 
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  • Arnold Vosloo

    BirthplacePretoria, South Africa

    Arnold Vosloo (born 16 June 1962) is a South African actor. He is known for his roles as... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnie Weinmeister

    Arnie Weinmeister

    Dec. at 77 (1923-2000)

    BirthplaceRhein, Canada

    Arnold George Weinmeister (March 23, 1923 – June 29, 2000) was a Canadian-born American and... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Schoenberg

    Arnold Schoenberg

    Dec. at 77 (1874-1951)

    BirthplaceLeopoldstadt, Vienna, Austria

    Arnold Schoenberg or Schönberg (, US also ; German: [ˈʃøːnbɛɐ̯k] (listen); 13 September 1874 –... more on Wikipedia

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  • Arnie Herber

    Arnie Herber

    Dec. at 59 (1910-1969)

    BirthplaceGreen Bay, Wisconsin

    Arnold Charles Herber (April 2, 1910 – October 14, 1969) was a professional quarterback in... more on Wikipedia

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  • Arnold Skaaland

    Arnold Skaaland

    Dec. at 82 (1925-2007)

    BirthplaceWhite Plains, New York

    Arnold Skaaland (January 21, 1925 – March 13, 2007) was an American professional wrestler and... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Orville Beckman

    Arnold Orville Beckman

    Dec. at 104 (1900-2004)

    BirthplaceCullom, Illinois

    Arnold Orville Beckman (April 10, 1900 – May 18, 2004) was an American chemist, inventor,... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Rüütel

    BirthplaceLaimjala Parish, Estonia

    Arnold Rüütel OIH (Estonian pronunciation: [ˈɑrnold ˈryːtel]) (born 10 May 1928) served as the... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Toynbee

    Arnold Toynbee

    Dec. at 31 (1852-1883)

    BirthplaceSavile Row, London, England

    Arnold Toynbee (; 23 August 1852 – 9 March 1883) was a British economic historian also noted... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Bennett

    Arnold Bennett

    Dec. at 64 (1867-1931)

    BirthplaceHanley, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

    Enoch Arnold Bennett (27 May 1867 – 27 March 1931) was an English writer. He is best known as... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Lobel

    Arnold Lobel

    Dec. at 54 (1933-1987)

    BirthplaceLos Angeles, California

    Arnold Stark Lobel (May 22, 1933 – December 4, 1987) was an American author of children's... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Bax

    Arnold Bax

    Dec. at 70 (1883-1953)

    BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom

    Sir Arnold Edward Trevor Bax (8 November 1883 – 3 October 1953) was an English composer,... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Pinnock

    BirthplaceBirmingham, England

    Arnold Pinnock (born in Birmingham, England) is a Canadian actor who is perhaps best known for... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnie Risen

    Arnie Risen

    Dec. at 88 (1924-2012)

    BirthplaceWilliamstown, Kentucky

    Arnold Denny "Stilts" Risen (October 9, 1924 – August 4, 2012) was an American professional... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Jackson

    Arnold Jackson

    Dec. at 81 (1891-1972)

    BirthplaceAddlestone, United Kingdom

    Arnold Jackson may refer to: Arnold Jackson (British Army officer) (1891–1972), British... more on Wikipedia
  • BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States of America

    Arnold Shapiro (born February 1, 1941) is an American television producer and writer. His best... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Reisman
  • Arnold Leon

    BirthplaceCuliacán, Mexico

    Arnold Leon is a Mexican baseball player.
  • Arnold Sodeman

    Arnold Sodeman

    Dec. at 37 (1899-1936)

    BirthplaceHawthorn, Australia

    Arnold Karl Sodeman ((1899-12-12)12 December 1899 – (1936-06-01)1 June 1936), also known as... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Diamond

    Arnold Diamond

    Dec. at 77 (1915-1992)

    BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom

    Arnold Diamond was an actor.
  • Arnold Jacques Silver
  • Arnold Stang

    Arnold Stang

    Dec. at 91 (1918-2009)

    BirthplaceNew York City, Manhattan, USA, New York

    Arnold Stang (September 28, 1918 – December 20, 2009) was an American comic actor and voice... more on Wikipedia
  • Arnold Scaasi

    BirthplaceMontreal, Canada

    Arnold Isaacs (May 8, 1930 – August 3, 2015), known as Arnold Scaasi, was a Canadian fashion... more on Wikipedia